Saturday, October 24, 2020

Scariest Wrestlers of All-Time Part 24: Nailz


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Before Nailz was a hardened ex-con, he was a clean-cut pro wrestler named Kevin Kelly. But somewhere along the way, he committed a crime and went to the prison in Cobb County, Georgia. While there, he was allegedly tortured by one of the prison guards, the Big Bossman. In 1992, Nailz was released and sought revenge on the Bossman.

He jumped the former corrections officer during a Superstars of Wrestling taping. Nailz beat the crap out of Bossman, using a nightstick in the assault. As Bossman recouped from the attack, Nailz went on a path of destruction, destroying enhancement talent along the way. The two eventually met in a Nightstick on a Pole match at Survivor Series 92. Bossman got his revenge and Nailz ended up leaving shortly thereafter, for famously (again allegedly) attacking Vince McMahon. 

Even though the prisoner gimmick was sorta hokey, Nailz did add a fear factor with it. The distorted voice and his disregard for human life made him a dangerous competitor while he was in the WWF. 


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