Friday, October 2, 2020

Scariest of All-Time: Bruiser Brody

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Continuing the countdown (again, no particular order) of the scariest wrestlers of all-time. Bruiser Brody has to be on everyone's list, right? I remember thinking how scary he was when he stomped into the ring with his furry boots, scarred forehead, and swinging a chain on Wrestling at the Chase. 

He was a no-nonsense guy inside and outside the ring. I can't tell you how much I wished he would have gone to WWF in the 80s. However, I believe his style wouldn't have meshed with the vision Vince McMahon had, although Brody would have been the perfect foil for Hulk Hogan. 

I had the good fortune of being in the audience when Brody wrestled Ric Flair in St. Louis. I believe that match ended in a draw or a double DQ. I can't remember, but the internet tells me it was a draw. I missed out on the opportunity when Brody wrestled Andre the Giant, also in St. Louis a couple years before this match. My dad and brother did see it, and I imagine it was an epic encounter.

Brody proved he could get in there with anyone from Flair to Abdullah the Butcher to the Von Erichs. Sadly we lost him too soon. Dream matches for him would be against future scariest mentions like Cactus Jack and the Undertaker. 

What's your favorite Brody moment? 

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