Monday, April 24, 2017

I never knew... Kevin Von Erich wrestled in the WWF

Kevin Von Erich vs. Brian Lee
Not sure the original credit, I saw it on @WCCWMemories Twitter
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I'm starting a new feature here on the blog with a story about something I didn't know about. As a lifelong wrestling fan, I feel like there isn't much I don't know. But with the evolution of podcasts hosted by wrestling insiders and the boom in social media, I'm learning there are things I didn't know.

For the first installment, I have to give credit to World Class Memories (@WCCWMemories). They recently tweeted the photo of Kevin Von Erich vs. Brian Lee. At first, I didn't give the picture much thought. But when you look at the turnbuckle pad, you clearly see the WWF logo on it. I never knew Kevin joined his brother Kerry in the Fed.

Heading to the ring
Courtesy: Bud Horne
After doing some research on my "Google machine" I found that Kevin had a dark match against Lee at a Wrestling Challenge taping in Texas. It happened on December 2, 1991. Kevin didn't sign with the World Wrestling Federation, and the article I read doesn't say why. I'm hoping to get him on my podcast in the near future and learn more about this story. We all know Lee went on to become the "fake" Undertaker in 1994 and after that Chainz in WWF. 

This particular match happened six days before WWF came to Cape Girardeau, where I was attending college at the time. Kerry Von Erich, who remains one of my all-time favorite wrestlers, didn't appear on that card. He was wrestling the same day at a WWF show in Los Angeles. I never got to see the Texas Tornado live in a WWF ring, however, I did see him battle Ric Flair for the NWA World Title in 1985. But I digress...

Kerry & Kevin Von Erich
Courtesy: WWE
Kerry was no longer wrestling for the Intercontinental Championship at this time and was facing the likes of The Berzerker and Skinner. How awesome would it have been for Kevin and Kerry to reunite and have a run as a tag team in the WWF? Although good guys vs. good guys were rare back then, a match between the brothers and The Legion of Doom would have been epic. No doubt the Von Erichs could have been top contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles and would have likely had a run. I know I'm biased, so what do you think? Weigh in here or on the My 1-2-3 Cents Facebook page and don't forget to like it.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Quit calling wrestling fake

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I've ranted on this before and it seems the time has come to do it again. I have been a wrestling fan for more than 30 years. And yes I know that the outcome is predetermined. What irritates me though is when non-wrestling fans call it "fake". Especially when it's said like this "You know wrestling is fake, right?" or "You know it's not real, right?" 

My chop marks & Masters' busted head
Courtesy: Jason Wilkey photography
As someone who has not only watched wrestling but worked within the business behind the scenes and in front of the crowd, it's insulting to hear this. I've even had a match, albeit for about 15 minutes, but my body can attest, there was nothing fake about what we were doing in the ring. I had red marks on my chest the next day from the chops I took and the guy I wrestled, Mike Masters had his head split open when a chair shot went wrong. The pool of blood in the ring and the six staples required to close the wound are another reminder this business is far from fake.

Injuries from Heath Hatton & "Farmer" Billy Hills
My friend and wrestler "Farmer" Billy Hills posted the pic on his social media after the Cape Championship Super Show. You can see he is clearly not feeling like the action he was involved in was fake. Stride Pro Wrestling Champion Heath Hatton was injured last year in the ring. He continues to nurse nagging injuries that you wouldn't expect from a fake job. He even needed surgery on his head as a result of an injury during a match.

The Walking Dead
Courtesy: AMC
The bottom line is this. I don't tell my friends who love the Walking Dead that the zombies aren't real and no one is getting their heads blown off. We all know there's not a giant gorilla running amok on Skull Island and spoiler alert, Dr. McDreamy wasn't really performing surgery on Grey's Anatomy.  There's no need to remind fans of these movies and TV shows that they're watching something "fake" and there's no need to do the same for wrestling fans. We get it, it's entertainment. I really don't want to see men and women actually beating the hell out of each other.  Thanks for putting up with this rant.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cape Comic Con is layin' the smack down

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Cape Con Snapchat filter
Courtesy: Harness Digital Marketing

Cape Comic Con is in its 12th year. The event has always featured some kind of wrestling element. Legends have come in for meet and greets, including the likes of Terry Funk, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jim Cornette and "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton (who I met & interviewed in 2015). Some years there have been matches. But 2017 will be a banner year for wrestling and comics. Cape Championship Wrestling is part of two big shows.

Mickie Knuckles wins the trophy
Photo courtesy: J. Ryan Abney (Spooky's Customs)
Friday night, Mickie "Moose" Knuckles won the Girl Fight Luna Vachon memorial tournament. (I had picked her to win on my blog earlier this week). Saturday night (at 7 p.m.) it's the Cape Championship Wrestling Super Show. You can view the full card here, but in addition to the company mainstays like champion Brandon Barbwire, tag team champions Farmer Billy Hills and Dell Tucker and "Sexy" Sarge O'Riley there will be a handful of special guests. Colt Cabana, Joey Ryan and Leva Bates (aka Blue Pants) will be part of the action too.

The Pinnacle at Cape Con
Photo courtesy: Farmer Billy Hills
Stars from CCW will be at the company's booth Saturday and Sunday at the Osage Center as well. I am headed to Cape Con shortly with my buddy iBatman. We will be there through the wrestling show as well. We'll recap the events on Monday's podcast. I'm looking forward to hearing the perspective of a partial wrestling fan.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Foreign Object Friday: Sarge O'Riley's sock

"Sexy" Sarge O'Riley & his socks

By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'll admit I don't know much about "Sexy" Sarge O'Riley. I've only seen him wrestle once, but that will change Saturday night as I head to Cape Championship Wrestling's Super Show. He's part of a six man tag, joining Roscoe Eats Lisa as they take on The L.A. Hustlers and JD Wilks.

In doing some research for this big event, I learned that like Mankind and Santino Marella, Sarge also has used a sock from time to time to help in the ring. It's not the usual weapon of choice which makes it a fun one to feature on Foreign Object Friday.

As you can see in the photo, Sarge likes the funky variety of socks. He also keeps more than one on standby. Fans get into the action by chanting "Sexy Socko!" I don't know if they're sexy, but as a sock connoisseur, I do like them.

Will the socks come into play Saturday night? Find out at the AC Brass Building at Arena Park in Cape Girardeau. Bell time is 7 p.m. It's part of a weekend filled with fun at the 12th annual Cape Comic Con.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Girl Fight coming to Cape Girardeau

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Look out southeast Missouri. The first ever Girl Fight Luna Vachon Memorial Tournament is coming to Cape Girardeau. It's part of the big Cape Comic Con celebration happening April 21-23. The Girl Fight kicks off the weekend. The show is Friday night at the AC Brase Building at Arena Park. 

Lil Bit vs. Sarah Summers (Stride Pro Wrestling)
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Eight of the best female wrestlers on the independent scene will be a part of this unique event. Scheduled to appear, familiar faces in CCW Sarah Summers, Lil Bit and Nikki Lane. Indy favorites like Amazing Maria, Miss Monica and Ruby Raze will be joined by former NXT Star "Blue Pants" Leva Bates and former TNA star Mickie Knuckles (who I once ate dinner with at Applebee's many years ago).

Mickie Knuckles
Courtesy: Mickie "Moose" Knuckles Facebook page
All eight of these women are highly talented and have what it takes to win this tournament. I've had a chance to see half of these competitors in action through the years. And picking a winner is not easy. But Mickie Knuckles has to be a favorite here. As Jim Ross would say, she's tougher than a two dollar steak and just as fearless. I know it's cliche, but the real winners will be the fans. They will witness eight of the best who will do what it takes to win this special tournament to honor of the wrestling's most unique and iconic women in Luna Vachon.

After the winner is crowned, Final Drive and Eurydice will take the stage and perform a concert. Tickets for both shows are just $10. Head here for more details. And come back the next night for the CCW Super Show.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hooray for Bollywood

Randy Orton addresses Jinder Mahal
Courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
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To say SmackDown Live this week was full of surprises would be an understatement. This is going to come off as a backhanded compliment, but I am trying to be sincere in my words. The Six-Pack Challenge for the number one contender to the WWE Championship was filled with men I would have never thought of in the main event scene. No offense to Mojo Rawley, Erick Rowan and Jinder Mahal, I just didn't have them on that level. But I am looking forward to seeing what's in store for Mahal.

"The Bollywood Boyz" help Jinder

The former member of 3MB won the challenge and will face the champ at the May event Backlash. I like that the Bollywood Boyz (I'm not sure that's what they'll be called on the main roster) helped Mahal pick up the win. The Indian Royal has never really been given a shot and actually has floundered a great deal since returning to WWE last year. The addition of the Boyz gives the SmackDown Live tag team division some new life as well.

Mahal beats Zayn
Courtesy: WWE
I don't expect Mahal to win the gold in his first attempt. But I do hope WWE Creative does something over the next month to build him up as a credible contender for the championship. SDL lost some big names to Raw in the Superstar Shakeup so the blue brand is in a rebuilding mode.  Not only did The Miz, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt all leave, but John Cena is on a break and Rusev is out injured. Development of new top tier guys is needed ASAP.

I had hoped AJ Styles would be named number one contender, but I'm looking forward to his battle with Kevin Owens (assuming he retains against Chris Jericho at Payback). There's also the assumption that Orton will beat Wyatt on the same card (still not sure why the SDL top belt is being defended on a Raw event). 

Once again I'll sit back and enjoy the ride and look forward to being live in the crowd at Money in the Bank. It's only two months away, but the entire complexion of the SDL roster could be completely different in that short time. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Brains beat out brawn this time

Courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter
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The Superstar Shakeup is already proving to be good for the Raw Women's Division. The Fatal Fourway match for the number one contender to the Women's Championship added two new faces to the mix. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James recently joined the roster after being a big part of the division on SmackDown Live. Those ladies joined Nia Jax and Sasha Banks to find who would be the number one contender to Bayley's championship.

I fully expected Banks to win and set up an eventual heel turn against her best friend, but I was pleasantly surprised when that was not the way the match went down. In the closing moments, the ever dominant Jax took out James by using Banks as a battering ram. She then sent Banks to the mat with a thunderous Samoan Drop. But before she knew what happened, Bliss recovered from outside, dropkicked Jax and sent the Samoan Superstar to the floor. Bliss took the opportunity to then pin Banks and officially take her rightful place as the number one contender.

Kick to the face
Courtesy: WWE
The execution of the finish was brilliant and I look forward to seeing what all Bliss can do on Raw. Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to her on NXT, but when she was drafted to SmackDown Live I took notice. But couldn't you, after she won the championship on the blue brand twice. I liked it last week when she immediately called out Bayley and then backed it up by winning the Fatal Fourway. Next step comes at Payback and the crowning of a new Raw Women's Champion. I'm sure that'll leave some people blissed off...