Saturday, December 16, 2017

Lookout Woodlawn, here comes Stride Pro Wrestling

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In just a few hours, Stride Pro Wrestling will be laying the smackdown in Woodlawn, Illinois. We're doing a fundraiser show at the grade school there. I've talked about some of the matches announced so far, here's the rest of the card and the entire show as it stands now. But as always, remember *card subject to change.

JD Wilk and Ace Hawkins will team up against Joey O'Riley and Arron Brooks. This will be a phenomenal tag team match. Last week we saw the groundwork being laid for this as Wilk faced Brooks. O'Riley got involved in the finish, which saw Brooks win. Wilk came back and cost O'Riley his match for the Legacy title. Now Stride guest Ace Hawkins will get involved. This has the potential to be the match of the night.

Tony Flood defends the Legacy title against Chris Hargas. This is the first time these two have battled in a Stride ring. I'm looking forward to it as well.

Dexter Roswell and Brian Richards face Ax Allwardt and Jerry Travelstead. Too many bitter feelings are involved here for this to be nothing less than a fight.

The monster Frank Wyatt will try to take out Heath Hatton.

Woodlawn's athletic director Jan Peterson and a mystery partner will face Aaron Edwards and Nathan Brag of the DR Party. I'm sure J. Wellington Beauregard will be involved in some underhanded tactics too.

Jay Spade challenges Roger Matheus for the Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match. This is the first time Stride has done such and match and I expect it will be nothing short of brutal. 

Remember, come out tonight to Woodlawn Grade School. Bell time is 6:30 p.m. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Fun Fact Friday:The Legacy Championship

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Stride Pro Wrestling has three championships. The heavyweight and tag team titles were established in the early days of the company. The first Legacy Champion was crowned in November 2016. Sometimes so-called secondary championships are overlooked, but the Legacy Title is a valued and well-defended championship here in Stride. Here are a few facts about the title.

Jerry Travelstead gets the gold
1. The first person to hold the Legacy Championship was Jerry Travelstead. He won a tournament and beat Tony Flood in the finals at Community Consolidated 204 School in Pinckneyville. This was Stride Pro Wrestling's first ladder match as well. 

A fabulous win for Flood
2. Even though Tony Flood is technically the second man to win the Legacy Title, it was El Fabuloso who pinned Travelstead for the victory. Moments after the win, Fabuloso unmasked and revealed himself as Flood.

Hatton with the title
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
3. Flood has been Legacy champ most of 2017. He lost it for a week to Heath Hatton but regained it after some help from Dexter Roswell. Now he faces a big challenge from Chris Hargas. On the heels of winning Buried Alive against Red Daniels, he's getting a shot at cementing his 'legacy'.

Bell time is 6:30 p.m. Saturday at Woodlawn Grade School. We'll see you there.
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Old school is in session

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The rivalry between Jerry Travelstead and Dexter Roswell has been well documented. In October you may remember Roswell lost a paddle on a pole match to the school administrator turned pro wrestler. You'd think that experience would have straightened up Roswell, but the DR Party leader has only been up to more hijinks in the months that have passed.

He cost Heath Hatton the Legacy Championship and along with Scott Phoenix and manager J. Wellington Beauregard screwed over Ax Allwardt and won the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team championship. Huge mistake. Ax is out for blood now and nearly got his revenge earlier this month.

However, Stride General Manager Sam Hunter is giving Ax and Jerry an early Christmas gift. The unlikely duo of Old School Discipline will team up to face Roswell and his party's enforcer, Brian Richards. Because there are multiple members of the DR Party, the "Freebird" or "New Day" rule will apply to title defenses, especially as Phoenix continues to recover from his shampooing injury.

Revenge will be sweet no matter what, but I know Ax really wants to get his hands on Phoenix when he returns. Battering Richards and Roswell should bring some smiles to an otherwise grumpy Allwardt. And T-Dog will enjoy whipping the DR Part members again. Old School Discipline has much to gain Saturday and I'm not so sure the tag titles matter as much as teaching their younger foes a lesson or two in old school wrestling. 

The tag team title match is one of many matches set for Saturday's show in Woodlawn. The event is a fundraiser for Woodlawn Grade School. Bell time is 6:30 and tickets are $15 for ringside and $10 for general admission. See you there. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Jay Spade's last stand

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Stride Pro Wrestling's 'David & Goliath' story comes to a close this weekend. Jay Spade challenges in Roger Matheus for the heavyweight championship one more time. This contest will be a Last Man Standing match, following up on the previous two matches Matheus and Spade have had. 

Spade soars
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
It's been well documented Matheus is the larger of the two athletes. He towers over Spade when they're face to face and nearly doubles his challenger's weight. However, Spade has the heart and passion of that has helped this underdog achieve success in the wrestling business for several years.

At the contract signing last week, Matheus faked a bum knee only to attack Spade with a crutch. Matheus himself started the ten count, only to see Spade spring up to his at eight. Just as Spade was ready to give Matheus a taste of his own medicine, the champ turned tail and left the ring, promising Spade and the fans he'd be ready Saturday.

The rules of a Last Man Standing are quite simple. Beat the hell out of your opponent and render him unable to answer the referee's count to ten. If Spade uses his speed and gets Matheus to chase him, he could wear down the champ and take advantage. However, if Matheus uses his size and strength it could be an early night for the challenger. Either way, it's going to be a fight you don't want to miss.

Don't forget, Saturday's show is a fundraiser at Woodlawn Grade School. Bell time is at 6:30 and tickets are $15 for ringside and $10 for general admission.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Beauty vs. the Beast

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Stride Pro Wrestling is hot off the heels of Buried Alive and is now headed to another big event this weekend. The show is a fundraiser at Woodlawn Grade School. Several great matches have been announced, including one that pits former Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion against Frank Wyatt.

Wyatt in May 2016
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Fans may remember Wyatt from his appearances last year in Stride. He and "Homicidal" Steven Davis were known as Damage Inc. and were the first Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions. But after losing the belts, Wyatt soon disappeared from the company. His manager J. Wellington Beauregard never mentioning where the beast had gone.

Fast forward to Buried Alive and Wyatt barreled through the youngster Shane Lauder. But that's not the big story. During the Heath Hatton-Dexter Roswell match, Wyatt appeared out of nowhere. He pummeled Hatton in a Pearl Harbor job similar to King Kong Bundy's attack of Hulk Hogan leading up to WrestleMania II. 

Old friends reunite
Courtesy: Jamie Myers
Moments after the beat down, it became clear that once again J. Wellington Beauregard's deep pockets covered the cost of the mugging. It appears at least for now there is once again a relationship between Beauregard and Wyatt. And Stride Pro Wrestling General Manager Sam Hunter was quick to sign the match for Saturday's (Dec. 16) show. 

There are few guys that can manhandle Hatton on the Stride roster, but Wyatt made it clear that he is one of those who can. Despite being battered and bruised, Hatton will no doubt go into this match ready to go. He showed a pretty aggressive side in the match against Roswell, doing what was nearly a perfect Superman punch against the DR Party leader. I wish I was able to capture that moment on camera as it was something to see.

So don't forget, we're hitting the road and headed to Woodlawn Grade School. Be sure to join us. Bell time is 6:30 p.m. and we're raising money for the school's athletics department. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rest in peace Red Daniels

RIP: Red Daniels

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Stride Pro Wrestling's first ever Buried Alive match lived up to all the hype. The show was fantastic top to bottom. You'll get a full recap of the show on Monday's My 1-2-3 Cents the Podcast (it drops around 1 a.m.) Today though I want to talk about the main event.

The Buried Alive match pitted heated rivals Red Daniels and Chris Hargas against each other. There was little "wrestling" involved in this contest as it was a fight. It sounds cliche but it was a fight for life in this case. The match is only won when one man gets dumped into the grave and covered in dirt and rendered unable to continue.

Red gets a cart
Courtesy: Jamie Myers
There were tables, chairs and even a Target shopping cart involved in this match. Red was hip tossed on a table while the two were still fighting in the ring. I can't remember if the shopping cart came next, but Red rustled one up from the backstage area. Remember, the Stride Pro Wrestling Arena is housed inside the Illinois Star Centre Mall so anything can be found and used as a weapon.

At one point when Chris was down and out, Red stacked several chairs near the site of the grave. I don't know what his plans were, I'm not sure he knew either. But there were so many fans in attendance, spare chairs were at a minimum and Red bullied some paying customers out of their seats. But that move burned Red as Hargas speared him through on the chairs.

Cross face
Courtesy: Jamie Myers
The action eventually made it onto the set of the grave. The tide seemed to turn when Red dropped Hargas off the stage and through a table. Hargas was then hoisted back up to the gravesite and dropped into the hole. Both men fought and Hargas eventually slapped a cross face on Red, rendering him unconscious. Red's limp body was rolled into the grave and Hargas started covering him in the dirt.

Hargas wins
Courtesy: Jamie Myers
Then in one of the most memorable moments of the match, Red's hands popped up and grabbed a hold of Hargas' legs. Hargas looked panicked for a moment, but then remembered he was holding a shovel and hit Red in the head, knocking him out for the final time. The dirt started flying and it was clear Red was done. Referee Lane Austin called for the bell and Hargas was declared the winner.

My sincere congratulations to both men. They told an amazing story for several months leading up to the big matchup. They did not disappoint as the clashed for roughly 30 minutes in front of more than 320 cheering wrestling fans. I don't know what's next as this chapter has closed for Hargas and the book has ended on the short, but successful career of Red Daniels.

Check out Stride Pro Wrestling's Facebook page and get a closer look at the live stream of the match. It's the first of its kind in indy wrestling (at least that I know of) and Red Daniels and Chris Hargas deserve to be praised for their efforts. 

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Last call: Buried Alive rundown

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I've talked about it for months here on the blog and on the My 1-2-3 Cents podcast, and the day is finally here. Stride Pro Wrestling presents Buried Alive. The show is tonight (Saturday, Dec. 9) at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion. Bell time is 6:30 p.m., but doors open at 6.

The main event is the Buried Alive match. Bad blood has been brewing between Chris Hargas and Red Daniels for several months. Things got personal between the two when their girlfriends were pulled into the situation. Now either Hargas or Daniels will end up in a grave and covered in dirt. No matter who wins, neither man will be the same when this one is over.

Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Roger Matheus and challenger Jay Spade will sign the contract for their title match. The Last Man Standing contest is a week from tonight at Woodlawn Grade School. 

Tony Flood will defend the Legacy Championship against the aerial assault of Joey O'Riley. Both men are impressive in the ring. Flood is a two time Legacy champ, O'Riley has been a co-holder of the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team titles. He's won gold elsewhere too, but tonight he would win his first singles title in Stride.

Jose Magnifico puts his mask on the line against Brian Richards' beard. This feud has been going off and on for a year now. Tonight, we either learn the identity of Magnifico or Richards will have to invest in something to keep his face warm this winter.

Revenge will be on Heath Hatton's mind as he faces Dexter Roswell. The leader of the DR party cost Hatton the Legacy Title recently. Hatton trained Roswell long before we first saw Roswell in the ring. But you can bet he didn't teach him everything he knows.

Ax Allwardt was supposed to face his former tag team partner Scott Phoenix. But weightlifting and shampooing incidents have left Phoenix with a bum hand. But I have to believe Ax wants a piece of either Phoenix or former manager J. Wellington Beauregard tonight and General Manager Sam Hunter will be glad to deliver. 

JD Wilk returns tonight to face Arron Brooks. Both men are accomplished in the ring and should put on a great show.

Frank Wyatt will take on Stride Pro Wrestling student Shane Laud.
Again, bell time tonight is at 6:30 at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Oh and I'll be there in my #UglyChristmasSuit raising money for Children's Home + Aid so please consider making a donation.  

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