Friday, May 31, 2013

Things I'd Like to See Addressed in TNA

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I had planned on making this a 5-part series, but 1) who really wants to read 5 blogs and 2) I’m lazy so getting one blog is challenging enough these days. As I’ve said over the past year, I really feel TNA is on the right path to being a solid company and worthy competitor to WWE. That being said, there’s still a lot of work to be done before TNA can get lazy and rest on any laurels of success. The following is a list of things I’d like to see addressed before Bound For Glory.

Hernandez & Chavo
Photo courtesy: TNA
The Tag Team Division: For the past few months there have been three tag teams battling over the titles. Chavo/Hernandez, Roode/Aries and Daniels/Kaz have been playing hot potato with the number one contendership and the tag belts. Am I to believe there are no other tag teams in TNA that could at least act as a buffer to prolong another match between the previously named trio of teams? Aces and Eights have two potential teams in their ranks. Why haven’t Bischoff/Brisco or Doc/Knox attempted to bring the tag gold to the clubhouse? Why were Robbie E and Robbie T split up? Why did Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan never do anything as a tag team after putting them together at Bound For Glory 2012?  Sure the tag team title matches have all been good this year but the division is far from ideal.

Wrestlers Disappear for Months at a Time: Speaking of tag teams, at Slammiversary, James Storm got to pick his partner for a Four Way Tag Title Match.  His partner was the returning, Gunner. I don’t remember the last time Gunner was on TV and pretty sure the last time he was on Impact he was a heel teaming with Kid Kash.  So Gunner shows up and the crowd let out a collective, “who’s that?” 

Right before Lockdown, Sting brought back Eric Young to be on his team for the Lethal Lockdown match. EY had appeared sporadically over the past year due to shooting his reality fishing show. I don’t think EY has been seen since Lockdown. There may be a storyline reason for his absence that I don’t recall, but the point is wrestlers being brought in and used once or twice then disappearing is more the norm than the exception in TNA. Look at how guys are brought in for X-Division matches and once they lose are rarely seen again until a spot has to be filled in an X-Division match.

One of my big complaints with WWE and TNA is the same wrestlers are on every show, and usually interacting with the same wrestlers week after week. I wish one company would learn how to effectively rotate the roster so shows feel fresh.

Why is the Knockout Tag Title Still Around? It was bad enough when Eric Young and ODB won the Knockout tag titles but now that they’ve been champions for over a year while Eric is rarely around and ODB has been named the Knockout division referee, can the titles be forgotten? Most fans probably have forgotten they exist anyway. I’m including this here because EY/ODB are still listed as champions on the Impact Wrestling website.

Aces & Eights
Why Should I Care About Aces and Eights? Have Aces and Eights ever won a match they didn’t rig?  I think the nWo B-team won more matches than Aces and Eights have won. Why bring in Doc and Knox and have them be nothing more than punching bags for Sting and Kurt Angle? They’re close to the point where they should swamp out D-Lo Brown with Al Snow and change the name of the group to The Job Squad.

For the love of God, do not have Hogan vs. Bully Ray at Bound for Glory: I may be putting the horse before the cart for this one. However, given the storyline with Hogan wanting revenge for Bully Ray tricking him into giving Bully the title shot at Lockdown and for Bully marrying Brooke Hogan.  Add in Hogan’s recent comments about wrestling again and wanting to be TNA Champion, I’m going to address this possible scenario.

Hogan & Bully Ray
Photo courtesy: TNA
Yes Hulk Hogan gets one of the loudest cheers from live audiences. Why? Hulk Hogan is a legend in the sport of wrestling and had a hall of fame career. If Magic Johnson stepped foot at center court of the Staples Center, he’d most likely get a loud ovation as well. Same thing would happen if Wayne Gretzky, Ozzie Smith and Dan Marino took the field in their respective hometown arenas. Does this mean they should suit up and play another game? No. It means fans are appreciative of the athlete’s careers and are giving them the reaction earned from years of playing.  Hulk Hogan is the biggest name on the TNA roster, of course he’s going to get cheered. In no way though should the Hulkster consider another match, especially a match for the TNA title.

A big reason why wrestling is stagnant at the moment is the lack of new stars being made. Putting the biggest name in the business, who’s been around for over 30-years in a match with a guy who’s been around for nearly 20-years isn’t going to do anything for the long term success of TNA. It will give the appearance that TNA doesn’t know how to build new stars and relies on past stars to sell their shows.

Since TNA has four months to build up to Bound For Glory, hopefully they’ll use that time to take whoever they see has a potential face of the company and build that person up as a credible challenger for the title. Now that I’ve typed that, unless Hogan is entered into the Bound For Glory series, there should be no logical way he challenges for the title at BFG. Stranger things have happened though. TNA could always rehash the ending of Wrestlemania 9.

So there are just five areas I’d like to see addressed by TNA and improved upon before their biggest show of the year. Since Bound For Glory is being held in San Diego, I am planning on making the two-hour trip down Interstate 5 to see the show for the second consecutive year. Last year’s show was a better experience than being at Wrestlemania 28. We’ll see if the same holds true this year.

Do you have any suggestions for TNA? Share them on our Facebook page. Not that TNA will read them. Just curious to hear what other fans think. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chikara: Aniversario: Never Compromise

By Chad Smart
@chadsmart & @my123cents

Chikara returns to iPPV this coming Sunday, June 2 with a 4pm Eastern bell time. Long time readers know I’m a die-hard Chikara mark. When it comes to writing about Chikara, I rarely check my fandom at the door. Over the last eight years, I could probably count the number of Chikara shows I didn’t enjoy, or events that happened that I didn’t like on one head. Chikara has been a consistent form of entertainment.

This is the blog where I try and convince you to clear your Sunday schedule for three hours and tell you the $15 you spend on the show is probably the best $15 you’ll spend on wrestling this year. I can try to convince you that. There’s just one small problem. I don’t know what’s booked for the show. My markdom for Chikara is so severe that I don’t like to read results of shows. Instead, I (try to) avoid any spoilers for shows until Smart Mark Video releases the shows and I can watch them for myself. So going into Aniversario I have do not know the results of the May 18th Tag World Grand Prix tournament. I’m assuming the team that won the tournament will be challenging for the Campeones De Parejas, but can I sell you on the match if I don’t know who the challengers will be on Sunday?

Mr. Touchdown
The only match I am positive on for the show is the “intergalactic lucadora” Saturyne challenge “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti for the Young Lion’s Cup. Saturyne and Touchdown are probably the two best rookies to debut in wrestling in the past three years. Both wrestlers play their roles to perfection and have the skills to match their characters. For wrestling fans who are only used to WWE and TNA wrestling where the gender lines are strongly enforced, seeing Saturyne and Angelosetti mix it up will be a chance realize when done properly inter-gender matches can be both believable and exciting.

As for the rest of the card, there will be a Grand Championship defense as Director of Fun; Wink Vavasseur has mandated a title match on every Chikara show. Beyond that, I’m sure I could go over to and see the full lineup but like I said, I want to see Tag World Grand Prix first. So hopefully Smart Mark Video releases the two shows by Saturday.

Now, even without knowing what to expect, I will be watching on Sunday and I encourage you to do the same if you’re a wrestling fan. There is no other wrestling company who can get me to blind buy a show based solely on their track record. Chikara’s history of excellent wrestling plus logical long-term storytelling is second to none.

I would also encourage you to buy the iPPV because if the rumors are true this will be a historic show. I don’t want to get into the speculation because, well, it’s simply that, speculation. Unlike when Eric Bischoff teased Goldberg’s heel turn as changing the landscape of professional wrestling, if the Chikara rumors are true then it truly will have an impact on independent wrestling.

If you’re a WWE fan and have not checked out Chikara before, I recommend you watch Aniversario because there’s a good chance some of the wrestlers on the show will hopefully be on the WWE roster within the next few years. Chikara is where Antonio Cessaro made his name. Well, actually his name was Claudio Castagnoli back then but you get my point. Luke Harper, who was shown in a vignette on RAW this week as coming soon is also a former Chikara star. Daniel Bryan made a few Chikara appearances and CM Punk was in the main event of the first ever Chikara show. Guess I should also mention Hunico is a Chikara King of Trios winner. I could easily see Mr. Touchdown, Hallowicked, Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, Ophidian or Tim Donst getting at least a WWE developmental contract soon. And if WWE really wants an heir apparent to Rey Mysterio, they should sign Frightmare.

Aniversario is only fifteen dollars. Even if you’ve never seen Chikara and have no idea what to expect, is $15 really that much to take a chance on a new promotion? In a time when pay per views cost $35-40 or more on a monthly basis and are usually filled will matches you’ll see for free on the on next TV show, spending $15 to see something unique shouldn’t be a hard decision.

Chikara’s Aniversario: Never Compromise is live on iPPV Sunday, June 2 and can be ordered at I can’t encourage you enough to watch the show. If you’re like me and are burned out by the repetitive nature of WWE and TNA, Chikara is a breath of fresh air. If you watch the show and don’t enjoy it, I will personally offer you a heartfelt apology for talking you into buying the show. Now go order Chikara Aniversario.

After the show let us know what you thought about it on the My 1-2-3 Cents Facebook page.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear 16 Year Old Me

16 Year Old Me
Going to buy a car, Sun In in my hair
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter
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If you're reading this for the first time in 2016, I wrote my 16 year old self this letter three years ago.  I've decided to share it again.  Thanks for checking it out.  

Dear Kevin:

Let's get this out there first and foremost.  You are a geek.   Twenty-four years later, you're still a geek. But it's okay, because in about three years you're going to meet your future wife in college.  Lisa will do wonders for you and help pull you out of your shell.  She will be your best friend and the mother of your three children.  Yes, three kids.  Plan for a hectic middle age period.

Before you get to all that though, there's quite a journey ahead.  For the most part, you'll do the right thing along the way, but here's some free advice to consider.

You just got your drivers license.  The car you are about to purchase should never be described as your "dream car."  It's a lemon.  In fact, the damn thing isn't going to start when you meet the owners at the bank, so wear comfortable shoes because you're walking home.

You've got two more years of high school.  Get more involved.  Your senior year, you'll find drama club and yearbook staff.  These are two activities that you will love, so my advice, join those clubs NOW.  Don't wait for people to approach you.  You're going to have to make the first move from time to time.  This applies to all aspects of life, yes even girls.

Study harder.  You have a ton of potential, but you won't ever fully reach it.  You procrastinate way too much.  I'll finish that thought later...  

You will work hard to get to where you are professionally.  For that, you should be proud.  But don't get complacent.  The road to where you landed was windy and uphill most of the way, but continue to work hard once you're there.

I know you're not crazy about running cross country and track.  Even though I advise you to join yearbook and drama, stick to running too.  Here's why.  After a nearly 20 year break,  you're going to start doing it again, and doing it better than you are now.  Once you hit you hit the big 4-Oh, you will be in better shape than you are now in high school.  Start eating healthier now and work out more.  Don't be intimidated when it comes to hitting the gym.  The important thing is to just start.

I guess the lecture is over.  Love the ones close to you and don't be afraid to tell them that, often.  Life is short and it can change in an instant.  Be yourself.  Things that matter at this moment will be a distant memory before you know it.  I know that's easier said than done, but trust me don't sweat the small stuff.  It'll be fine.

Take care,

P.S. The Sun In idea you're about to follow up on is not a good one.  Remember, be yourself, not how you think others want you to be.  Brown hair and brown eyes are just fine.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome Curtis Axel

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Last week, on my YouTube page and right here I wrote and spoke about some possible "Heyman Guys."  My first pick for the job was Michael McGillicutty.  On the May 20th episode of Raw, Paul Heyman introduced McGillicutty as his new client, complete with a new theme song and name, Curtis Axel.

The name is a tribute to Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig and Larry "the Axe" Hennig.  Personally, I'm stoked about this and excited to see some relatively unknown talent getting an opportunity.  I hope this isn't just a "flavor of the month" move and the WWE allows Axel to develop into the superstar many know he can be.

The fact that Triple H didn't squash him on Raw was a good sign (as I had feared that scenario too).  I'm curious where things are headed for Trips.  Will this lead to him passing the torch to the up and coming Axel?  Time will tell.  Regardless, I'm happy to see this happening to a third generation star who is also able to now acknowledge his legacy for the world to see.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lack of Interest

Geek Squad at Wrestlemania 29 Axxess
Photo by My 1-2-3 Cents
By Chad Smart
@chadsmart & @my123cents on Twitter

If you’ve been paying attention to the my123cents blog over the past couple of months, you’ve no doubt noticed a lack of original writings. I know Kevin has been busy but he’s done a good job of trying to get a few blogs per week posted. I have not been as committed. The lack of writing started out as just being busy. Between finishing up another season at work (and if you haven’t watched the Amy’s Baking Company episode of Kitchen Nightmares, I highly recommend you search it out and watch. It’s taking the Internet by storm.) then leaving to go on the Wrestlemania trip, I just didn’t have time to devote to writing. The longer I went without writing though, the more I started to realize the current wrestling landscape wasn’t holding my interest.

WWE: I’m not entirely sure why WWE doesn’t interest me right now. They have a lot of good talent and guys I enjoy watching. I just feel that if I took six months off and came back the shows would be fresher. Right now it just seems like every episode of RAW is the same thing week after week. 

Hogan vs. Bully Ray
Photo courtesy: TNA
TNA: While I think TNA has gotten better over the past year, they seem to have some long-term direction in place, which is good; they still have several issues to address. There are only three tag teams, the X-Division is an afterthought, Eric Young is still half of the Knockout Tag Champions and his partner ODB is now the Knockout division referee, Aces and Eights never win, and Hulk Hogan keeps threatening to wrestle. TNA scaled back to only four live pay per views which means they should easily build each show up into a must see attraction, right? Slammiversary is two weeks away and there’s only one announced match. The entire month of May should have been used to build and promote Slammiversary. If TNA can’t be bothered to care about the show, why should I?

ROH: After attending Death Before Dishonor 7 during Geek Week, I realized ROH’s biggest turn off to me personally is ROH fans. ROH could be putting on the best shows ever but the fans ruin nearly every match. Plus, my general dislike for Davey Richards/Eddie Edwards/Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole doesn’t help since all are featured in prominent roles in the company.

DGUSA/EVOLVE: I don’t really follow either promotion due to thinking the booker is highly overrated.  Both companies have talented wrestlers, but they’re wrestlers I can see in other promotions so no need to spend money on either company.

PWG: In my opinion PWG has quickly become ROH: West Coast. I enjoyed All Star Weekend back in March and was looking forward to their next show in June until the card was announced. I realize ROH doesn’t do shows on the west coast so PWG bringing in wrestlers from ROH/DGUSA gives the local fans a chance to see wrestlers they normally wouldn’t get to see in person. The bigger issue I have is because PWG only runs one show a month and has very little in terms of ongoing storylines; their shows have no pacing. Every match is non-stop action with high spots galore. It may sound like I’m complaining about something being too good. I just feel that if everything is awesome then nothing is awesome because it all blends together with nothing standing out. I’ll admit I’m probably the only wrestling fan who feels this way.

Mr. Touchdown
Photo by My 1-2-3 Cents
CHIKARA: This one hurts. I am a huge Chikara mark and have been entertained by Season 12. Recently though, I was told a rumor about Chikara that, if true, disappoints me and means my fandom will come to an end. I don’t want to speak to the rumors because as of now it’s just rumors. Until something comes out publicly, I’ll keep hoping it isn’t true. At the same time, until it is proven to be false rumors, it’s been planted in my mind and clouds my perception of Chikara.

OTHER INDIES: I don’t really follow any other Indie promotions. I’ve tried watching Anarchy Championship Wrestling and Absolute Intense Wresting due to hearing good things about both companies. Unfortunately their production values leave a lot to be desired and make it painful to watch at times.

Heath Hatton of PWC
Photo by Pro Wrestling Collision
PRO WRESTLING COLLISION: Guess I should include PWC here, as devoted followers of my123cents know Kevin is the “voice” of PWC. I had the opportunity to make both my referee and ring announcer debuts at PWC shows in April. Right now, PWC is set to run their next show on May 25 and the future seems to be uncertain after that.

There’s a breakdown of the major US wrestling promotions and a very brief reasoning of why no company has me interested at the moment. Let me be clear, it has nothing to do with the wrestlers themselves. It’s like when you go to a movie starring an actor you really like and the movie ends up being bad. It’s not the actors fault you weren’t entertained. Everything else with the movie hindered your enjoyment. That’s where I am at with wrestling at this moment.

Am I alone? Does anyone else feel wrestling is stagnant and needs a super kick to get it back on the entertaining track? Share your feedback on our Facebook page

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are They Paul Heyman Guys?

Is Paul Heyman looking for a new guy?
Photo courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

WWE's website recently teased the fact that Paul Heyman may be looking to add a third client to his collection.  With CM Pun reportedly on the shelf until Summer Slam and Brock Lesnar being a "part timer", I could see the logic in finding a new Paul Heyman Guy.  I feel like Heyman is one of the best things about the WWE right now, so more TV time with him would not be a bad thing.

So who exactly should become the next client.  After reviewing the roster of superstars, I've come up with a few ideas.  Keep in mind, I don't watch much (actually any) NXT, so I can't really judge the talent there, other than the few guys I've seen on independent shows and in other companies.  For that reason, I'm going to stick to the current roster of superstars.

Courtesy: WWE
Michael McGillicutty may not be the perfect choice here, but I think he's someone to be considered.  He is a third generation superstar who got lost in the shuffle pretty quickly after being a part of NXT Season 2.  By blood line alone, I think Michael deserves a shot.  He is a former tag team champion, but then again, who isn't at this point, besides members of actual tag teams.  Anyway, I think the lack of mic skills that Michael has would make him ideal to be a Heyman guy.  Storyline wise, the duo could argue that he's been overlooked and neglected by management and he deserves a shot.  The son of Mr. Perfect and the grandson of Larry "the Axe" Hennig should not be used as enhancement talent on Internet shows and non-televised events. (This is Heyman talking)  Under Heyman's advisement and with some help from CM Punk upon his return, I think Michael could become a contender to the U.S. or Intercontinental titles.

Courtesy: WWE
Former U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro seemed to be lost in the shuffle even when he was the champion.  Online reports say writers and fans find him boring.  Honestly, Cesaro is one of my favorites on the roster right now.  Clearly he's one of the best wrestlers in the WWE, but for some reason lacks the flash and piazza that the WWE Universe seems to crave.  I loved his gimmick before when he was the elite unAmerican dominating the competition.  I really thought that was going to lead to something down the road and not just a quick title switch with Kofi Kingston.  Now he seems to be Randy Orton's whipping boy.  Heyman could be that mouth piece, the extra ingredient that the WWE deems essential for success these days.  Better yet, bring up Kassius Ohno and give us a Kings of Wrestling reunion and let Heyman lead the way.

Don't laugh at this one, as I'm serious.  I think it makes sense for Zack Ryder to be a Paul Heyman Guy.  I'll admit I got caught up in the Ryder Mania hype a couple years back.  Heck, I even submitted four different Broski of the Week videos before finally being picked for Episode 22.  Watch my submission here...

Courtesy: WWE
So obviously I'm a fan of Zack's.  Or at least I was.  I think he was a victim of no exposure to over exposure, back to no exposure.  I also think the Jersey Shore, fist pumping gimmick is old and he really needs to evolve as a performer if he's going to survive the long haul.  The unspiked hair is a start.  A heel turn and a merger with Heyman could help take Zack to the "golden ring" and "get him over" like nothing else has before.

I realize the three choices have been guys who have struggled to gain real traction in the WWE.  But that's exactly what Heyman needs in a client and what the WWE needs in terms of cultivating new talent.  Part time guys like Lesnar, Triple H, and the Undertaker were great years ago, but it is truly time for the WWE to develop that next generation of talent and Paul Heyman is the right guy to help lead that charge.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday on a Budget

Happy 5th birthday!

In an effort to write about more than just wrestling on this page, I've decided to share some "Daddy" blogs too.  I wrote this originally on my old website, but updated it a bit and hope you'll find some of the tips here useful.  Considering many of us are on budgets, any time we can find a way to save some cash, we jump on it.  This is how we celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday a few years ago.

I had planned out this party pretty much on my own because at the time my wife had just gone back to school and was working as well, so she was more than a little busy.  Plus, I really do enjoy putting together birthday parties for our kids, and now that our boys are older my daughter is the last of themed birthday party children.

Brooke decided she wanted an “Under the Sea” party.  Let me start right now by saying my parents took care of the paper products, goodie bags, and the giant chocolate chip cookie Brooke requested.  So that left me to do the planning of the party and the execution of the games.

Under the Sea Bracelets

Under the Sea Bracelets
As the guests arrived, I had a table set up for the them to create their own bracelets.  Luckily, we had a ton of beads.  Not sure where they came from, but they actually fit the theme perfectly.  We had fish, dolphins, and sea turtles.  The assorted color beads also had different colored stars in them.  I told the kids to pretend they were starfish.

They used pipe cleaners to feed the beads through.  Again, something we happened to have on hand, so this craft really didn’t cost me anything.

As they finished up this project and we were waiting for other guests to arrive, I printed off some “Little Mermaid” color pages off the Internet.  They colored those as we waited to continue on with the festivities.  Again, something that didn’t cost anything because we had the printer paper already on hand.

We also played a round of musical chairs.  We already had the chairs here at the house, and I played “Under the Sea” from the “Little Mermaid” soundtrack for the music.  Making this a fun game for the kids to play and not costing us a thing.

Pin the Tail on the Whale

Pin the Tail on the Whale
The first game I created was Pin the Tail on the Whale.  Luckily, the boys got new desks earlier in the week, and there were some large pieces of Styrofoam and cardboard.  For this game, all I did was draw a whale (minus the tail) on a large piece of styrofoam.  Then I painted the whale with blue paint.  Next, I added some ocean water using a mix of blue and green paint.  Brooke added the smile to the whale’s face.

Then I cut out tails from blue pieces of paper.  I drew the shape of the tail on one side, folded the paper and then cut along that pattern.  That created the tail and made it super easy.

I printed the phrase “Pin the Tail on the Whale” on a piece of yellow paper and cut it out in a circle to look like the sun.  The last thing I did was add some tape to each tail prior to the game.  I think all the kids had fun with it.

Pitch the Pearls

Pitch the Pearls
Another game I had fun creating was “Pitch the Pearls.”  I drew a clam on a piece of cardboard.  Then I mixed some blue and white paint to give the clam his shell color.  Red and white paint mixed gave him his mouth color.  Then I painted the surrounding area.  The bottom is supposed to look like sand, but the mixing of the paint turned it more purple than brown, so we just went with it.  The top is a dark blue.  My daughter added a pair of googly eyes to him ( you can’t really see them in the pic).

I  cut a small round hole out in the middle of the mouth, where the kids would then toss pitch the pearls.  The pearls for this game were nothing more than a half dozen ping pong balls.  That was the only thing I didn’t have around the house, so I bought them at WalMart.  I think the cost was less than $1.50.

The Octopus Pop

The Octopus Pop
The Octopus Pop is the only other game that cost me anything to create.  That’s because we didn’t have any balloons around the house.

I bought the usual round balloons to represent the head of the octopi.  Then the long, twistable ones for the legs.  But a warning, those balloons are NOT easy to blow up.  Luckily the boys had one of those pumps, otherwise I don’t think I would have gotten them blown up.

As you look at the photo, you probably notice my octopi only have four legs.  That’s because I was running out of time and patience to do eight legs (or 4 balloons)

The object of this game was simple, I just spread the octopi on the floor and encouraged the kids to stomp on them.  Or sit on them.  What they could do to pop them.  The heads were easy to destroy, but the legs proved to be more difficult.  I’m not sure that anyone was able to pop them actually.

But it was a lot of fun and let them be a little destructive without getting in trouble.  Isn’t that what all kids want?

Shark Attack!

Shark Attack!
Using another piece of cardboard from the desk boxes, I drew a picture of a shark with his mouth wide open.  I mixed some blue and white paint for his skin.  Red and white for the interior of his mouth, and just plain white for the teeth.  I actually just spray painted the area around the shark.  The idea was to give it the effect that he was breaking through a boat.  Mason suggested a pirate ship. : )

Then I cut a whole out in the middle of his mouth.  All I did for this was have each guest stick his or her head in that hole and took a picture.  It’s supposed to look like they’re inside the shark’s mouth.
This could have easily been turned into a game as well.  Just toss a bean bag or a ball into the hole.  Maybe call it feed the shark or something.  Again, this is something I think the kids had fun with.  I will email the picture of each child to their parent to have as a little memory from the party.

Best part about this one, it was no cost again.  We had a plethora of paint here and the cardboard came with the desks.

So the total amount I spent on the games was just $6.20.  That was for the package of ping pong balls and three packages of balloons.  

Not too shabby, IMO.