Sunday, October 18, 2020

Scariest of All-Time Part 18: Vader

@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

The transformation Leon White made from 'Baby Bull' to Big Van Vader may be one of the most drastic in the history of pro wrestling. Vader was a brutal big man who stopped at nothing to kick some ass. His brute strength and attitude made him one of the toughest of all-time. Vader was also one of the best big men to ever step through the ropes.

Early in the presentation of the character was the most fear-inducing. The giant mask that shot off steam after he took it off was quite impressive. Vader would then proceed to beat the crap out of whoever he was in the ring against. One of the most infamous times being the match with Cactus Jack where Jack lost an ear in the battle. 

When he turned babyface in WCW in 1995 right before being fired I feel like the character jumped the shark. Vader should have never been a good guy. He was a big, nasty heel and got enjoyment out of beating up his opponents. While his WWE run was okay it was far from what we all hoped for or expected. I'm not sure where he got off track but a Vader world title run in the WWF should have happened as far as I'm concerned. 


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