Saturday, October 3, 2020

Scariest of All-Time: Abdullah the Butcher

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At 360 pounds and hailing from Sudan, Abdullah the Butcher was one of the scariest wrestlers to step into the ring. Much like yesterday's entry, Bruiser Brody, 'Abby' had a forehead that looked like a road map. He spilled gallons of blood through his career and even more flowed from the heads of his opponents, thanks to his handy fork.

I first remember Abdullah the Butcher in the Apter mags. It was later that I saw him wrestle on World Class Championship Wrestling, the AWA, and eventually WCW. His feud with Brody was legendary. I even had the Remco action figure of the Butcher and remember using fake blood during his matches, most notably against Carlos Colon, who was included in the two-pack.

Probably the best memory of Abby (for me) was at Halloween Havoc 1991 where he got 'fried' during the Chamber of Horrors match. Despite some negative press he's received in recent years, the Butcher was one of the most intimidating and scary wrestlers of all-time. Getting to see him get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011 was an enjoyable moment for me too.

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