Thursday, December 30, 2010

She's Awesome

From TNA Wrestling
Looks like the Miz isn't the only "awesome" superstar in the WWE.  Awesome Kong has reportedly signed a deal with the top company in wrestling.  For lack of a better word, it's awesome news.

Kong is the former TNA Knockouts champion.  Admittedly, I don't watch a lot of TNA, but from what I've seen of Kong's work she is very good.  I think this will bring some much needed diversity to the cookie cutter Barbie doll image the WWE Divas division has.

My hope is that Kong is not saddled with a lame new name and gimmick.  Let her be the monster she was in TNA.  I don't know enough about her "Awesome Kong" moniker to know if it's copyrighted to TNA or if she'll be able to use it.  Who knows if Vince and company would even keep it.  Since the Miz has the market on the word "awesome" right now, I could see them changing her name to something else.

The divas division has gradually improved over the last few months.  I think in part because Natayla has been doing a lot more wrestling and not just standing in the corner of the Hart Dynasty.  Plus, Beth Phoenix is back.  I believe these two are the best of the best in the division.  Gail Kim is really good in the ring too, but she seems lost in the shuffle.  I also like Melina's athletic ability.  Adding AK to the mix will only make the division prosper.

I'm curious now to see how quickly we'll see her in the ring.  Hoping she doesn't have to go to the FCW or be a contestant on NXT.  Kong should really be able to hit the main roster and start dominating the division.  In addition to breaking that typical Diva mold, the division is in desperate need of a strong heel.


  1. If indeed Awesome Kong has signed with the WWE...I predict a definite name change. Maybe just "Kong"...or "Queen Kong"...or "Kongella McMuffin"

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