Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New Nexus & Other Monday Night Ramblings

So the big news after Monday Night Raw is that Nexus apparently has a new leader.  That leader is the Messiah from the Straight Edge Society, CM Punk.

Two big questions come to mind.  Where is Wade Barrett?  And why CM Punk?  He was the other guy brutally attacked by the Nexus back in June when the group first formed on Raw.  I do however, like the idea of a "veteran" being involved with the group.  Whether Punk is the man for the job will remain to be seen.  But I have enjoyed Punk lately, especially as a heel.  I think his work in the ring is really good too, so this stands to be a win-win unless we get the breakup of the group by the time Elimination Chamber rolls around.

Thanks for giving away a potentially stellar pay per view match on Raw next week.  And I think we can pretty much all assume the Miz will win that one.  And it looks like dissention is already mounting between the Miz and A-Ri.  Personally I like these two together.  I hope they don't split them up. 

Speaking of split ups, it looked like for about 5 minutes that Tyson Kidd was going to be successful in his singles run.  He even threatened U.S. Champ Daniel Bryan.  Then he jobs to Mark Henry.  My first thought was okay, they're using Tyson as a way to help get Jackson Andrews over.  But then he gets himself punked out by Henry too.  So I'm scratching my head on this one...

No offense to the King, but why in the hell is he getting a push all the sudden?  I've complained before about making your champions look weak, and that's just what's happening to the Miz.  I know it was just a countout loss, but last week he was pinned in that six man tag match.  As Gorilla would say, "Give me a break!" 

I think it's great they're giving Santino a push.  But it's been in singles matches in recent weeks.  Isn't he a co holder of the tag team titles?  Where's Koslov?  Where are the belts for that matter?  Oh wait, it's the tag team division in the WWE, which we all know is going the way of the Dodo bird.

My guess is since Randy Orton beat Sheamus and the Miz will likely defend against John Morrison, I'm predicting an Orton-Miz rematch at the Royal Rumble.  B-O-R-I-N-G!

This is a really negative post on the WWE and the state of affairs, but I really wish they'd taking their booking in another direction.  Champions should be pushed as strong competitors.  Tag team champions should defend their titles or at least wrestle WITH their partners.  And new blood should be getting pushed. 

Okay rant over.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. I agree with you on the WWE tag division. But I was a fan of the Cruiserweight division too...and then they put the belt on a leprechaun and did away with it. So in theory-- expect Hornswoggle to team with a returning Dink the Clown in a surprise tag team tornado never see the belts again. *sigh*