Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NXT: Season 4, Really?

So it appears the WWE is going forward with a fourth season of NXT.  At least this time we're back to the guys.  Not that I had anything against the Divas version, but I did lose interest in this last season fast.  Partly because they took it off TV and put it online.

I'm not overly excited about the fact that they're doing a fourth season.  Personally, they could have stopped at season two in my opinion.

The concept of NXT is a good one.  I enjoyed watching the first two seasons.  I like the fact that they took that first group and formed Nexus.  It injected some new life into the stale programming.  But the group is now getting lost in the shuffle too.  What ever happened to Darren Young and Michael Tarver?  Will Skip Sheffield be included in the group when he returns?  I hope not.  Sorry, but that dude is annoying.  I felt like he tried too hard to be like Stone Cold Steve Austin and failed to develop any kind of personality he could call his own.

I liked the second season of the show too.  I also liked that it didn't include a bunch of cookie cutter WWE body types.  That's something it looks like season 4 has fallen into.  It's a bunch of meatheads.  Now to be fair to these guys, I haven't seen any of them wrestle so I shouldn't judge how they're going to perform.  The two guys I had the most interest in during season 2 were Kaval and Husky Harris.  They don't fit that "mold" and I'm glad they're both on the main roster now.  I just hope they continue to develop them on TV.

Looking at the new group, Brodus Clay looks to have a different look.  I'll be curious to see him in the ring and what his style is all about.  I'm also curious what happens to the rookies that don't get picked up on the main roster?  Do they go back to FCW?  That website hasn't been updated in a while and still lists Tyler Rekks, Alex Riley, and Husky Harris among others.

I would also like to see Richie Steamboat, Bo Rotunda, and Seth Rollins get a shot too.  I guess that will all come in time, as I've already heard rumors of a fifth season of NXT.

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