Monday, December 20, 2010

Seven Up and Comers

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Technically this should have and could have been about 8 up and comers, but Daniel Bryan was "fired" from the Nexus just a week after the group was established.  

I think I was like most fans who witnessed the brutal attack by the 8 rookies from the first season of NXT. I was hopeful that something new was on the horizon.  That change was coming.  That young blood and fresh talent was on the way up the food chain and into the main event and WWE title pictures.

I was wrong.  That was about 6 months ago.  Nexus has floundered.  And it's not all their fault.  I think they've been booked to look like a bunch of boobs.  From this original group of 7, that actually adopted the name "the Nexus" shortly after that big attack back in June, three of them are gone.  Darren Young was excommunicated first.  When this happened, I thought they were actually going somewhere with the angle.  But when's the last time you saw Darren?  Same thing for Michael Tarver.  He's out and hasn't been seen in weeks, maybe even months.  Skip Sheffield is on the injured list, so I don't know what fate awaits him when he is back from the sidelines.

Tarver and Young of course have been replaced by Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris.  Personally, they're better choices than the first two, but it still seems like they're trying to find their way in the group.  And in the WWE.

The group had so much potential.  They still do, but I'm a bit worried about that.  Especially after last night match between Wade Barrett and John Cena.  Cena won the encounter.  Barrett NEEDED to win that match.  Of course it's not all over for the winner of NXT season one, but he really could have used a victory.  Where does this angle go from here?  John Cena has destroyed each member of this "elite" group one by one.  Last night may have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

The creative team could have carried out the Cena joins Nexus angle a bit longer and not made it so painful to watch.  Cena should have embraced the group.  I understand Cena is probably the biggest seller of merchandise right now, so maybe they shouldn't have saddled him with this program and stipulation.

And the whole firing storyline was a joke.  There wasn't a week that went by since the "termination" that we didn't see Cena on Raw.  Why?  He was no longer an employee with the company so why was he getting back stage?  Why was he allowed to interfere in matches and get into the ring?  To make the angle more authentic, they could have at the very least had cops come out and arrest him like back in the day with Austin and McMahon.  Does anyone care about consistency at all?

Anyway, back to the Nexus.  Will this group survive?  I have my doubts.  Mostly because the E is in the habit over the last couple of years of tearing teams and factions apart.  There are two many tag teams to mention here and we've seen what happened to groups like The Straight Edge Society (another great gimmick/angle) and Legacy (I was a fan of that one too).   They've teased the tension within the group.  I didn't see the reaction after Barrett's loss last night, but I'm sure there's more strife to come from that tonight on Raw.

So since it's Christmas, and the Nexus is (or is it are) the 7th day of Christmas gifts, I'd like to give the WWE creative team a gift.  A free piece of advice.  Find something for these men to do and don't let them get lost in the shuffle.  Watching them beat up on people every week or getting beat on by John Cena is not doing any of them any good.  Many of the members have a lot of potential and I think can be around for the long haul.  It's up to them and the creative team to come up with something so they're not lost in the shuffle and end up like Darren Young and Michael Traver.

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