Thursday, December 2, 2010

Breakin' Up is Hard to Do (Unless You're a WWE Tag Team)

The Hart Dynasty at Wrestlemania 26
I've ranted before about how much I hate the tag team division right now in the WWE.  They create a team, put the title on them, and split them up.  All over the course of about 18 months.  In some cases it's even shorter than that.

One team split that really has me perplexed is the Hart Dynasty.  Up until about Wrestlemania of this year, they were an afterthought or so it seems.  Then they got the titles and defended them briefly, but of course they lost them and slowly but surely in the weeks that followed showed signs of splitting up.

I guess it was about three weeks ago that Tyson Kidd kicked David Hart Smith in the head during a tag team title match against the Nexus.  Kidd left the ring, setting up Smith for the pinfall loss.  I really don't get it.  Other than the Nexus and Santino and Koslov and the Usos, there are NO other tag teams now.  Sure they'll throw together Mark Henry and Yoshi in a pinch.  Are they the newest duo to go through this process?

Not only does the breaking up of the Hart Dynasty bug me.  But now, we're finally getting a match between the two.  On pay per view you ask.  No.  On Raw?  Umm, no.  Then were?  Superstars of course. What?  I'm not knocking Superstars, really.  But you just split up a team that had been together for about a  year and a half and the best you can give us is a match on Superstars?  I have no idea what the ratings are for that show, but why not promote it and let this feud simmer a bit and put them in a match on PPV?  I mean, come on, even Shad and JTG (formerly Cryme Tyme) got a pay per view match.

Maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg for these two (Smith and Kidd) but I suspect it's not.  I have a feeling they'll be jobbed out and eventually "wished well in their future endeavors.  Looks like Natalya is the star of the group, at least for now.

So I'm disappointed the split them up.  I'm even more bothered that they're having their first one on one match on Superstars.  At least now I won't be totally shocked when one or both of them gets released.  I just wish the writers would be some extra thought into the undercard and not so much around a handful of guys "at the top."

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