Thursday, December 2, 2010

MVP Gets Endeavored

MVP vs. The Big Show in Cape Girardeau
I'm sad to hear that MVP has been released from the WWE.  Although, I'm reading online reports that say the former U.S. champion actually requested his release.  According to his own Twitter account, he wants to "go international and freshen things up."

I wish him the best of luck.  While I wasn't as big a fan of the face MVP, I still enjoyed his in ring work.  And his personal background is very interesting.  He's talked about his past and the time he spent in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping.

He truly turned his life around and achieved his greatest success during his feud with Chris Benoit.  "The Crippler" took MVP under his wing and helped make the man we know today.  Benoit passed the torch and the U.S. title to the up and comer.

MVP had a pretty successful reign too.  His feud with Matt Hardy also stands out as some of his best work.  I wasn't crazy about his jobbing streak and face turn.  And I never really liked that whole angle with Sherri Shepard from the View. 

Then there was that ill fated tag team creation with Mark Henry.  The two were mildy successful, but it was just another attempt by the WWE to create a team by throwing two singles guys together that they have no ideas for.

I'm not sure what's next for MVP, but I wish him well.  I hope to see him back in the ring soon.  Now time for some ballin'...

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