Friday, December 17, 2010

I Am the Champion

The World Anchoring Champion
My job gives me the opportunity to do a lot of fun and interesting things.  This year along I've been tasered live on the air, got to go inside the operating room for a surgery, and locked horns with an MMA fighter.

This morning, I was "crowned" the World Champion of Anchormen.  It was all part of an interview I did with wrestlers Tojo Yamamoto Jr. and "Iceman" Danny Ice.  They are both part of the Renegade Pro Wrestling group in Metropolis, Illinois.

They run shows every Friday and Saturday at the RPW Arena at 1407 E. 5th Street, behind El Tequila Restaurant.

Tojo is the son of the late, great Tojo Yamamoto.  He has a lot of connections to the legends, and brings them in for many of his shows.

In fact on Saturday (December 18) Kamala will be in town.  He'll be a part of the 4th annual show that raises money for the Toys for Tots Program.  That's the thing I really like about Tojo and his organization.  A lot of their shows are fundraisers for groups that are in need.  Actually a lot of the independent wrestling groups here in southern Illinois give back to the community.

Tojo talks more about his commitment to giving back in our interview from this morning.  Also, during our exchange, he and the Iceman presented me with the belt.  I did give it back of course, but it was nice to be the champ, even for a few moments.  And even though I don't have the physical belt in my possession, I'll still consider myself the champion.   I was even invited to come down and be the guest ring announcer for Kamala's match, but I have a previous commitment and can't make it.

If you can't be at the show this weekend, support local groups like RPW.  They are supporting our community.

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