Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take the Title & Run

Photo courtesy: WWE
By Chad Smart
@ChadSmart on Twitter

Okay, I feel like being original and talking about something few others are talking about this week, CM Punk.  In case you haven’t watched RAW or read online news sites for the last month, CM Punk’s contract expires on July 17, the same night he challenges for the WWE Title at Money In the Bank pay per view. Punk has claimed he is going to win the title and leave the company with it in his possession.

After the last few weeks of listening to CM Punk talk and John Cena try and come up with an eloquent rebuttal, one thing is clear. CM Punk HAS to win the title on Sunday.  There is no other satisfactory pay off to this match. If John Cena wins the match, the last month was for naught.
In my last posting about this, I made mention of Punk winning only to be ambushed by the MITB winner who would win the title from Punk before Punk could leave the arena. I still see this as the most likely outcome as it pleases the crowd to see CM Punk win the title but still keeps the title in the hands of a contracted WWE Superstar. Also, John Cena can fight the stipulation of being fired by claiming Punk didn’t leave with the strap therefore the terms for his firing weren’t met.

While I’m expecting the above outcome, the dream scenario is a bit different. CM Punk wins the title after a hard fought match. As Punk is celebrating and gloating, the MITB winner (in this case Rey Mysterio) comes to ring and cashes in the briefcase starting a match for the title. After about 30 seconds, Rey has Punk in position for the 619. Punk manages to slide out of the ring, avoiding being kicked in the face, grabs the title and runs out of the building leaving the fans in shock as Raw now doesn’t have a world championship.

From ChikaraPro (CP Munk)
Over the next four months CM Punk would show up on the independent circuit, making title defenses all across the country. One match I’d seriously consider flying across country for is CM Punk vs. CP Munk (the straightedge chipmunk) in Chikara. With Chikara, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Ring of Honor and some smaller shows, Punk could easily have 7-10 title defenses between Money in the Bank and Survivor Series. For a few of the shows, John Cena could show up and interfere in the match making sure CM Punk didn’t lose the title.  The one downside of this scenario is most of the independent companies have their loyal fan base who may not appreciate a WWE title match, or WWE Superstars in their promotion.  On the other hand, an appearance by CM Punk may help draw in new fans that may not be familiar with the smaller promotions.

Around Survivor Series, Vince McMahon announces his lawyers have filed suit against CM Punk who must show up at Survivor Series and defend the title otherwise Punk will face criminal charges. Okay, I don’t really like that idea, but I haven’t thought out all the details for this scenario. I’m booking like Vince Russo. Anyway, CM Punk returns at Survivor Series to face John Cena. Punk retains the title due to interference from The Rock, who has dropped hints he’ll see Cena “where he (Rocky) debuted.” 

The fallout is that as long as Punk is champion, he has to remain on the WWE roster. Punk goes on to stay champion until Royal Rumble when he loses the title to whoever WWE wants to be in the title match at Wrestlemania, as long as it isn’t John Cena. In another “I don’t know all the details yet” scenario, Punk would lose the title due to Steve Austin’s interference which would lead to a Punk vs. Austin match at Wrestlemania.

Of course this whole scenario is contingent on CM Punk signing a new deal with WWE before Sunday, and WWE having the patience and testicular fortitude to have their champion gone for four months.

What do you think of this half thought out proposal?  I think there may be too much outside interference, but think the basics are strong enough to build an interesting story arc.
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  1. I really really like this proposed scenario. But I don't think it will happen because...

    A. Vince's team is not that creative.


    B. Vince has nothing to gain from allowing his contracted talent to work for other promotions except maybe getting their fans to tune into Raw for a few months. All it really does is let some smaller companies ride the wave of his empire. And with the current direction looking to distance itself from "wrestling" as much as possible, that makes it even more unlikely.

  2. Vince would have a ton to gain. It would be a nice way of appealing to the indie talent out there -- something that WWE admittedly has been struggling with lately: talent relations. Although talent relations is a position that focuses on contracted WWE talent, perhaps it should also involve being a "positive" entity in the eyes of non-signed indie wrestlers as well.