Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ca$hing In...

Photo from WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger on Twitter

Wrestlemania 28 is still months away, but we already know that the Rock and John Cena will be in the main event that night.  And as of Friday night, we know that Daniel Bryan is going to be wrestling for the World heavyweight title.  At least that's what he says...

I'm more than a little skeptical that this is going to happen.  Don't get me wrong, I hope it does, but I have big concerns that it will.

The WWE seems to have a way of screwing things up when it comes to Daniel Bryan.  This is just my opinion of course.  Remember when the Nexus angle first started and they fired him because of choking Justin Roberts with his own tie?  Of course I'm not sure if that was a legitimate firing or if it was just part of the angle.  I'm pretty sure they really did release him though.

Then the WWE brought him back.  But the dude got destroyed week in and week out on Raw.  Shockingly, they put him over the Miz for the United States title.  He had some decent matches with Ted DiBiase and Dolph Ziggler and went over each time.  It appeared they were making him a solid member of the roster.  Then he drops the belt to Sheamus and once again becomes the whipping boy.  Heck, his match with Sheamus at Wrestlemania 27 not only got dropped to the "pre show" status, but it was converted into a battle royal.

From WWE
Now, Bryan seems to be back on track for a push.  But again, I cautiously optimistic of his future with the Money in the Bank case.  I can see them booking him into a match (with Cody Rhodes most likely) with the case on the line and him losing it.  Of course this would be an epic fail.  If they are going to keep the case with him and keep the stipulation of him cashing in at Wrestlemania, they need to start RIGHT NOW on building him into a world title contender worthy of the Wrestlemania main event.  After all, this is a guy who (along with Shemaus) got bumped from the biggest show of the year to make room for the likes of Snooki and LayCool to wrestle...Where are those three now?  Exactly.

The WWE has about 8 months now to mold Bryan.  That's plenty of time in the world of wrestling.  I'm hoping with the momentum from the CM Punk-John Cena feud and the Vince McMahon "firing" will carry over to the entire product and the development of more main event stars in the company.  We want wrestling, and Daniel Bryan is the guy to help lead the way.

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