Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sisters of Destruction

Photo courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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When it was announced in 2010 that Awesome Kong had left TNA and had signed with WWE, I think a lot of fans were excited about the possibilities.  I know I was.  It seemed like it took FOREVER to get Kong on television.

Finally we saw some promos featuring different dolls getting their heads, legs, and arms snapped off.  Then an almost crazy cackle filled the air.  We were being warned that Kharma was coming.  This was indeed going to be the new character Kia Stevens would be playing.

Finally, in early 2011 Kharma made her presence known.  She took out Diva after Diva, in what one could only assume was going to lead up to what I'd consider the Divas money match: Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix.

But that was not to be.  In May, Kharma had an emotional breakdown in the ring in front of the other Divas.  A week later she announced she was pregnant and would be taking the next year off.  As she left the ring that night, she was being taunted by the Bella twins (who are clearly the bully-Divas in this sceneario)

Me & Beth at Wrestlemania 24 Axxess
Now without Kharma, I assumed the WWE would bring Beth and Natalya Neidhart back to television.  After all, I believe (and many others too) that these two former Divas' champions are the best two workers in that division.  Instead, we've seen very little of either woman.  If memory serves me, the last time I saw the Glamazon, she was doing high kicks in the ring with the other Divas as a tribute to Broadway.

Things haven't been any better for Natalya.  She's been involved in a few multi-Diva tag team matches and done very little in the ring.  In my opinion (and Old School Warrior's Mama's opinion) this is wrong.  Really the only Divas we're seeing a lot of are Kelly Kelly, the Bellas, and Eve.  I think SmackDown! has featured more of Kaitlyn and A.J.  All these ladies are lovely don't get me wrong, but I'd rather see a bit more variety.  Why no Gail Kim? Melina? Tamina?

I agree with OSW Mama that turning Beth heel now would be a great idea.  Turn her into the monster they planned to make Kharma.  Heck, do it with Natalya too and let them roll over the others in the division.  They could build Gail and Tamina as the top faces to feud with the "Sisters of Destruction."  I'd then have Beth win the Divas title.  Or Nattie, but I think a Kharma-Glamazon match at Wrestlemania would have more potential.

I know the timing may not be exactly right here, but I'm guessing Kharma would be able to return to the ring by January. (I know she said a year, but if they used her on TV and PPV only this COULD work)  That would mean a return to the ring at the Royal Rumble. In the weeks leading up to that event, I'd have Natalya and Beth align with the Bella twins.  Of course they'd all be trash talking Kharma, adding fuel to the fire and getting even more heat.  Then at the Rumble, Kharma destroys the twins in a handicap match and shows everyone she's not messing around.

Natalya at Wrestlemania 27 Axxess
This leads to a match with Nattie the next month at the Elimination Chamber pay per view.  Kharma again goes over, but gets attacked by the Beth at the end.  This sets up a match between the two at Wrestlemania.  I know the WWE wouldn't do just a singles Divas match, so I'm sure there would be Lumber Jills involved or some kind of silly 8 Diva tag match.  But I digress.

I'd have Kharma win the gold and prove all her critics wrong.  She becomes a bad ass babyface and continues the program with Beth Phoenix and Natalya.  I'm envisioning Beth and Natalya as a tougher version of LayCool.  Less talk, more ass kicking.

As we are waiting for Kharma's return, Beth would be defending the title against Gail, Tamina, Melina, etc.  Could this work?  I think so.  What are your thoughts?  Post them here or on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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