Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Punk Wants Wrestling

Punk says no. (Courtesy: WWE)
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger on Twitter

I've said it before, I'll say it again.  I find the CM Punk vs. Vince McMahon and sports entertainment angle as one of the best in recent history.  I think part of the reason it's so interesting is the fact that I'm not 100% sure how much of this is a work and how much of it is a shoot.  It's probably safe to say there is a splash of reality in this angle.

McMahon's involvement in the storyline has me mostly convinced that CM Punk will be back.  I loved his rant again last night during the "contract negotiations."  How many of you remember the WWF ice cream bars?  I do, and I think it would be great if they made a comeback too.

Monday's back and forth between Punk and McMahon reminded me of the early days of the Stone Cold Steve Austin-McMahon war.  It's the disgruntled employee vs. the greedy corporate boss.  While the two versions have similarities, I think there is enough difference between the two.  McMahon wanted Austin to conform to the corporate image.  Punk simply wants to wrestle.  He doesn't want to be a sports entertainer.  Or at least the character we watch every week doesn't.

Punk, Cena, and McMahon have done a great job adding some buzz to what was shaping up to be just another WWE title defense between two guys who have met up on free TV several times before.  And like I said before, I still am not 100% sure where this angle goes.  I think there's still a shadow of doubt over whether Punk has re-signed his WWE contract.

I think everyone (or most everyone) would agree that Cena should not win the match, no matter what Punk's status is with the company.  If Punk is truly leaving, I'd still like to see him win the belt.  Then as he's heading out of the ring, the winner of the Money in the Bank match rushes the ring and cashes in and wins the belt.  Extremely predictable, and most likely setting up someone to become the dreaded "transitional champion".  (ie. Jack Swagger, the Miz)

Punk & Cabana (
Another scenario, Punk wins the title and announces that he is not re-signing with the WWE.  He then leaves the ring and shows up in Ring of Honor or some other indy promotion.  (Of course this is all a work with the WWE)  Punk denounces his time in the WWE and tosses the belt in the trash can or does something else to destroy the belt.   McMahon (who never shows up on ROH) files a lawsuit to stop Punk from berating his company on TV and reminds him that he has a 90 day no compete clause in his contract. If Punk doesn't stop, he'll be sued for everything he's worth.  This would give Punk three months off to rest and recharge his batteries.  The 90 days would end right around the time of the Bragging Rights pay per view.    Personally, I'd like to see Punk come back after the 90 days with a group of "wrestlers" and challenge the "sports entertainers" to a match.  This could lead to a Colt Cabana comeback (not Scotty Goldman) I think the point here is that Punk needs/wants some time off.  He deserves it too.  Actually, all the superstars need a break.  Maybe 3 months is too long.  They could adjust the time away how they seem fit.  They're (the creative team) the ones with the big fancy jobs, let them figure that part out.

Anyway, the match Sunday has to end in one of those two ways as far as I'm concerned.  Having Cena win defeats the whole purpose of the last couple of weeks.  It's a big build up for no payoff.  How much would that suck?  But honestly, I'm prepared for that to happen too.  As Vince said years ago, you never know what's going to happen in the WWE...

What do you think will happen at Money in the Bank?  Do you see another way this angle could go?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Post them here, on Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube.


  1. Whenever a Work makes you wonder if it is a shoot you know it is good. Punk's work on the mike over the past few 2-3 weeks is downright amazing. For Vince to allow him talking about ROH and guys like Colt Cabana, you know it is going to be good. I know Punk wants some time off and doesn't like the constant road work. I hate to see him go and hope it is all part of some bigger plan. This is the best stuff on RAW over the past few year. Even better than the original re-teaming of DX. And you know me, that is big in my book.

  2. Something tells me that CM Punk will lose at MITB. He'll get very ticked off and beat the living hell out of Vince McMahon. Then out for the save is HHH. He comes in to stop Vince but either is unable to stop Vince or gets blindsided by a "fan" like Colt Cabana. Post MITB, this makes HHH so ticked and he is so out for blood that he announces that he wants to sign CM Punk and give him ANYTHING he wants to sign up... just so they can face each other at WM. If HHH loses, he retires and quits his executive job at WWE and CM Punk is named the GM of Raw -- allowing him to hire or book anyone he wants. If HHH wins... he'll get the satifaction of beating him into the ground -- and nothing more.