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Cena Fired...Again?!?

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By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'm proud to say that I held to my word and didn't read any Raw spoilers last week, leading up to the July 4th edition of the show.  I must say, I actually think the way they're going with the storyline makes sense.  At least it does to me.

I understand Vince McMahon not wanting a champion to leave the WWE and possibly join another wrestling company.  He mentioned it happened before.  Instead of just mentioning it though, I'd show the clip of Medusa dumping the WWF Women's title in the garbage on Nitro live.  It was a stunning moment, and since it happened 15 years ago, I would suspect many in the WWE Universe were either not alive yet or too young to remember it happening.  That would have added some validity to the storyline.

I also like how Cena continues to stand up for what he thinks right.  My opinion, that's an example of what a role model should be.  He's not eating vitamins, saying his prayers, yada yada yada.  He's being a man of honor and principle.  Say what you will about the rest of his character, but I admire this development.

This angle is the first in a long time that McMahon has been involved with where it makes sense.  Punk specifically called the family out last week, and the chairman needed to address that.  His basis for the suspension made sense too.  I'm wondering if this will lead to Punk becoming a modern day Stone Cold Steve Austin, with Cena playing the role of Bret Hart circa 1997.  Both were the wholesome babyfaces who lost fans to the brash, take no prisoners heel.

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Now for the criticism.  It's been less than a year that we had the "John Cena gets fired" angle.  And while the champ hasn't officially been canned yet, the mere idea of it happening again less than 12 months later is annoying.  It's repetitive and unoriginal.  Although in this angle it makes more sense than when Cena lost to Wade Barrett.

But Punk HAS to win now.  Otherwise the last few weeks make no sense.  (I know, some of you are asking when has that stopped the WWE before.) Maybe it's Cena, not Punk who will get a break.  Really, both men deserve some time off.  Cena has been going non stop for quite some time though and does a lot of work out of the ring.

My other question, what happens to Alberto Del Rio now?  Does he stay in the Money in the Bank ladder match?  It was my understanding that when he won the 3 way Monday night, he was the new number one contender to replace Punk.  I hope they don't turn this into a 3 way match at MITB.  I also hope they don't blow a Cena-Del Rio match on Raw.

I can honestly say though, I don't think I've looked this forward to a WWE title match in quite some time.  Again, I know some will criticize that statement, but I'm being serious.

Other thoughts from Raw:

  • I'm disappointed the Miz lost to Alex Riley again.  I'm starting to think Miz's push was only done to build A-Ri into a star.  Seriously, when's the last time the Miz had his hand raised?  He's taken a lot of beatings, even when he was WWE champion.  Riley looks good.  He's growing on me.  Feel like the Miz might need some retooling or a change of scenery.  

  • I was happy to see the tag team champions wrestle in a tag team match. I'm even more excited that Zack Ryder made a brief appearance and is apparently going to find himself a partner and challenge David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty for the tag team titles.  It's about time!

  • Why can't the writers work Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart into any of the current Diva story lines?  And boy, I wish Kharma was still around.

  • Has there EVER been a segment in wrestling that involved cake where someone has left the area without the cake on them?

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  • I think Sgt. Slaughter is in better shape today than he was 20 years ago when he was WWF champion.  Just sayin'... Speaking of which, I actually enjoyed the little verbal sparring between he and Jack Swagger.  Wish they'd do more with the All American, American.

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