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CM Punk is the Fonz Because He Jumped the Shark

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One week? One week! Really? That’s how long it took WWE to ruin the hottest angle of the year. Okay, I’m being a bit overdramatic. Ruin is a strong word. They can maybe still pull this off, but they’re going to have to do a lot of damage control.

As Kevin, Travis and I have commented on the Facebook page, WWE should have saved Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena for SummerSlam. Build up a title match between two of the biggest faces in the company instead of using Mysterio as a 90-minute transitional champion. Plus, putting the belt immediately back on Cena makes the “new” WWE look just like the old WWE. What is there to get excited about? After Cena wins the title at SummerSlam then have CM Punk come out and confront Cena about being a paper champion because Cena didn’t beat the real champ. Don’t have this confrontation a week after Punk leaves. This is another example of the ADD booking style that has taken over wrestling in the last 15 years. No company seems to have the patience to tell a compelling story. 

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There are two other points I dislike surrounding the Punk/Cena story. First one is the lack of mentioning of CM Punk interrupting WWE’s Comic-Con panel. WWE could have mentioned this and showed footage of it to keep Punk’s name out there. (Not like the fans had forgotten him anyway given all the chants throughout the night on Raw) CM Punk could have started posting videos on youtube calling out Mysterio for not having beat Punk for the title. Since WWE is all about social media now, these videos would have been a good way to draw viewers to the WWE website or their YouTube channel. Almost anything would have been better than how WWE continued the story last night.

My other point of contention, and why I feel Punk’s return was rushed was because of the recent twitter comments between Cena and The Rock. Either Sunday or Monday, both guys made it known Rock would be at Survivor Series.  My cynical side tells me WWE wanted to get past Punk/Cena so all focus could be on Cena/Rock come November. Even though Survivor Series is three months away and Wrestlemania is another four months after Survivor Series, John Cena can’t be bogged down with a more interesting feud.

I hate to be THAT guy who complains about everything but all interest WWE had built up over the last month was almost entirely destroyed in five minutes.  I am still on the fence about attending SummerSlam. While I’m still semi-interested in seeing Punk vs. Cena even though history has told me SuperCena will prevail, I have zero desire to see Christian vs. Orton round 20 or Cee-Lo Green. Here’s hoping WWE has something up their sleeve to make reignite the flames of passion to get me to care about the world title again.

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