Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I Think CM is Punking Us

By Kevin Hunsperger
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I debated going more in depth on my thoughts on CM Punk's rant from Raw Monday night, but the more I think about it, the more I wanted to share my thoughts.  After all as the writer of a wrestling blog, I feel it's my obligation to post my opinions on things going on in the wrestling world.  Hence the name of the blog, My 1-2-3 Cents.  It's our opinions at work here.

That being said, I must say so far I am enjoying the CM Punk angle.  Yes, I said angle.  I do not believe Punk actually "shot" on the company or that he's really leaving after Money in the Bank.  But so far, the way this is being played out there is enough doubt out there to make me wonder.

I do believe on Monday night CM Punk was given a mic and an open invitation to rant.  I don't think what he said was scripted.  I believe he poured his hear out into that promo.  It had passion.  It expressed his frustration with the company and the business.  It showed me why he's right now the best heel in the WWE.

Part of the reason I believe this is a work is because of the fact that the WWE has the story running on their main feed on dot com.  In the past when they've had legitimate issues with wrestlers, it's usually a one or two sentence blurb and it's not featured on the page.   They've posted the video of the rant on, another way for them to promote it.  As of Tuesday, Punk is suspended from the company, but will fulfill his non televised commitments with the company.  It doesn't mention Money in the Bank, but implies he's effectively finished with the WWE.

The rant itself was great like I mentioned.  But don't think for one second that if he was really out of control that night that his mic wouldn't have been cut a lot sooner.  WWE's production was too slick for it.  Their quality work with the director getting the different shots told me that this was all a part of the plan.  It may have shot them in the foot.  Also, when's the last time a guy about to leave the company was given such a high profile role on a pay per view?  If Punk really does leave, I think he's going just to give himself a break and he'll be back with the WWE.  I don't see him going to TNA, or Ring of Honor, or Japan like he implied during his promo.

I have to give the WWE and CM Punk credit though.  I'm not 100% sure in what I'm writing here.  There is that part of me that thinks Punk may really be done.  That's how well this angle is playing out.  I can't remember the last time there was a storyline that was this compelling that I wasn't 100% sure was a work.  Heck, even when Scott Hall showed up on Monday Nitro back in 1996, I knew he was under contract with the company.  I think most fans who were online at the time did.

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If this is the storyline, my main concern is the WWE dropping the ball with it.  It seems like when they come up with something new and fresh, it gets totally watered down and ends up being lame.  The Nexus invasion from a year ago instantly comes to mind.  And whatever happened to the guys from NXT 2?

I haven't read the spoilers for Raw, so I don't know if the angle is advanced on the show or not.  This whole post may be moot.  If it is, sorry to have wasted your time.  Please don't ruin the rest of it for me though.

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  1. It would be nice if it was an angle by WWE to gain more indie fans and to help "lesser" companies like ROH and New Japan. Here's how: WWE keeps a contract with CM Punk but maintains the illusion of the storyline. They then make a business deal that with indie feds where they allow Punk to wrestle at their venues. This helps build stronger relationships with indies and their fans and gains a little bit more respect between the two. This also helps wrestling has a business thrive -- allowing the smaller groups to continue and build off of.