Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wheel of Misfortune

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By Kevin Hunsperger
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Raw Roulette is one of my least favorite wrestling concepts.  It usually includes a lot of goofiness.  More so than usual.  (I'm writing this reaction as I watch on my DVR Tuesday afternoon)

The show opened up with a pretty good interaction between Shawn Michaels and CM Punk.  Punk has really grown on me in recent months and I think he's the best heel in the company right now.  (Sorry Miz)  Despite being out of the ring for more than a year, I must say I was impressed with the Sweet Chin Music delivered by HBK.  The one on David Otunga came out of no where.

While I was impressed, I question the constant use of Hall of Famers making the developing talent look bad.  We saw it on Raw Roulette with HBK, Otunga, and Mike McGillicutty.  Two weeks ago it was Roddy Piper and the Miz.  And don't forget about Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin humiliating Tough Enough winner Andy.

Back to Raw, Punk is put in a match, and Booker T spins the wheel.  It stops on the mystery opponent and Kane just happens to be standing there.  That's another of my problems with the roulette show.  It's obviously stages, even though they are trying to make it not appear staged.  Maybe I'm being too critical...

Punk loses by countout to Kane.  I had expected a Mark Henry run in.  Glad it didn't happen.

Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne went WAY too short.  These guys could have and should have done much more in the match.  I'm still not real big on the lighting change when Sin Cara wrestles.  And, I'm being nit picky.  The match was good.  Some great high spots, but like I said, it should have gone longer.

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In the past, didn't they do qualifying matches for the Money in the Bank?  They just flashed a screen with the participants this time around.  I'm not opposed to that.  Some fresh faces in the match, but my gut tells me Alberto Del Rio is going to win that one.  More analysis of that to come later.

Dolph Ziggler's mannerisms have remind me of Curt Hennig in the past.  Now that he has "Perfection" on the back of his shorts, I'm wondering if a gimmick change is coming or an evolution of the character.  It'll be interesting.  Of course, I don't see the point of a non title match.  But as usual, these two put on a great show.

If Big Show and Del Rio are on Raw, why is Mark Henry here?  I know he's been stalking Show lately, but I don't understand why this is happening.  Another reason why I think the brand concept is a failure.

Was I the only one hoping for a Kharma return during the divas matchup?  Or heck, how about Beth Phoenix?  Why is she not being used on TV?  Anyone?

Surprise visit Diamond Dallas Page...

And another up and comer taken out by Shawn Michaels.  Maybe next time Drew McIntyre...

It's appropriate the Miz and Jack Swagger are teaming up.  I don't think two former world champions have fallen from grace as quickly as these two.  *Sigh* The match was definitely action packed.  Haven't seen a Texas Tornado match in years.  And the descent continues.  At least Swagger took the fall and not the Miz.  Would have rather seen Riley get the win if they're going to be pushing him.

I'm hoping for a Little Jimmy on a Pole match for Cena vs. R-Truth.  Damn, tables match.  Maybe next year...

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I will say this about Raw lately, I don't feel like they're totally cramming Cena down our throats.  Although, I am watching on DVR, maybe I missed something.  The crowd is into this match. I hear the "Cena Sucks!", "Let's Go Cena!" chants.  I want to just fast forward to the end of this, as I've heard about the Punk promo, but I'm going to hold out and watch.  Especially now that my 9 year old son has joined me.

R-Truth wins.  Surprising.  Why weren't any of the matches title matches?  Seems like a bit of a crock to me.  Okay, Punk has the mic.  Here we go...

Love all the "unmentionable guys" being referenced here.  Seems like he is speaking from the heart, but I really believe this is a work.  Lots of folks on line are talking about this being a shoot.  I still believe if this was a shoot, they would have cut him off a lot sooner than they did.

So the question is where do Punk and the WWE go from here?  I know they've posted spoilers for next week's show, but I haven't read those yet, and I'm not planning to either.  I hope if this is a work, it's not bungled like all the other potentially hot angles from the past (the WCW Invasion, the Nexus, Ric Flair coming in back in 1991)

I hope on July 17 we're not all disappointed.  If Punk is really leaving, I could see him winning the title only to be beaten by the winner of the MITB match.  If Cena wins and Punk is really going, then this angle seems kinda pointless.

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