Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chyna Syndrome

 Photo courtesy: TNA
By Kevin Hunsperger

In what shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone, TNA has severed its ties with Chyna.  I say this shouldn't be a surprise, because it seems like more often than not, TNA brings in a former WWE star, puts them over their current roster (or completely overlooks someone) and then doesn't lock them into any kind of deal.

Chyna tells TMZ it's because there's another sex tape out there featuring her.  I respect TNA's decision not to do business with her, but it's not like there isn't already a sex tape out there with Chyna in it.  So is two the magic number when it comes to starring in a porno?  I don't get it.  Besides, wouldn't someone in the front office have done some checking before bringing her in?  There was no deal inked, so maybe that's how this video slipped through the cracks.

TNA did these kinds of things in the early days too.  I remember watching the weekly pay per views and Lex Luger coming out and destroying AJ Styles.  The late "Macho Man" Randy Savage was brought in for one time, and got the win over Jeff Jarrett in a six man tag team match.  I know there are others, but these three instances stick out in my memory.

Big Show vs. Floyd Mayweather
On the flip side of the coin, the WWE has done similar things, at least with entertainers.  Floyd "Money" Mayweather went over the Big Show at Wrestlemania 24, Lawrence Taylor pinned Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania 11, and most recently, Snooki was the winner in the six person tag team match over LayCool and Dolph Ziggler.  I'll make this argument though, these were celebrity matches, and while they didn't do anything to help push the careers of those involved, they did create media buzz for the WWE before and after the event.

How much main stream media coverage did the Chyna match get?  Or Savage?  Or Luger.  You get my point.  While I'm not saying what the WWE is doing is necessarily right, it is good for their business.  I'd argue that both companies are taking a spot away from someone more deserving on their roster by having non wrestlers or former stars returning.  I would have much rather seen Beth Phoenix and Natalya featured at Wrestlemania than Snooki.  And why not give another Knockout in TNA the opportunity to step up in the feud with the Jarretts and Kurt Angle?

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