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10 Questions with Dasher Hatfield

Photo from Dasher Hatfield

By Chad Smart

Today is the first in what we hope to be a new ongoing segment here at my123cents, 10 Questions with Independent Wrestlers.  One of our goals is to promote wrestling organizations and wrestlers the average fan may not be aware of or know that much about. Depending on how quickly we get answers turnaround this will either be a weekly or bi-weekly segment.

Our first wrestler is Chikara wrestler, “The Old Timey King of Swing” Dasher Hatfield. Dasher, along with tag team partner Sugar Dunkerton, form The Throwbacks, one of the most popular teams on the Chikara roster. Here are some introductory videos: Dasher’s Debut , Throwbacks Promo , a baseball game breaks out during a match .

1)Start off by giving us information about Dasher Hatfield. (this is your chance for self-promotion and plug where fans can see you wrestle in the upcoming weeks)
I wrestle for Chikara Pro, which is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The call me the "Old Timey King of Swing" for obvious reasons, I hope. Very soon myself, along with the entire Chikara family will be embarking on a tour of the mid west. We will be stopping by the Cleveland, Detroit, and Chicago areas during our trip.

2)After your first season in Chikara, the fans started a "Save Dasher" campaign. What do you think it was that made fans have such a connection with you that they made sure Chikara management knew they didn't want to see you leave?
I think it all had to do with fun! Every single time the fans of Chikara Pro and I get together, we have a good time.

3)Do you ever hear from Mos Cow or Ultimo Breakfast?
It is very funny you should ask these two questions in a row. Because every so often one or the other will manage to get a hold of me. And the more the fans and I are getting along, the grumpier they sound. I can not figure out why they sound so bitter some times. Oh well, mustn't lose any sleep over it.

Photo from Chikara Pro

4)Besides the number of masked wrestlers, what do you feel separates Chikara from rest of the major American wrestling promotions? Why should wrestling fans who aren't familiar with Chikara go to a live show or buy a DVD?
I always like to say, our fans do not come to Chikara to see a great wrestling show. They come to be apart of a great wrestling show. As a fan at one of our shows you are just as important as any wrestler, referee, or ring announcer. Our shows have been known to change ones entire perception of the words "Professional Wrestling"

5)What is your response to people who say wrestling is fake?
Next your going to try and tell me that  (my123cents note: I think Dasher must have got called to pinch hit and didn’t get the rest of the answer typed.)

6)Who's the better baseball player?
Cal Ripken Jr or Alex Rodriguez- Ripken -2632, Enough Said
Don Miattingly or Albert Pujols
- Much like the HOF committee I am going to have to snub Mattingly. Pujols. Babe Ruth or Barry Bonds- In the battle of Hot Dogs vs Steroids, I Vote hot dogs. The BabeOzzie Smith or Derek Jeter- i find this selection the toughest of all. Ill say Ozzie based on the extra 8 gold gloves he owns. (my123cents: as life long Cardinals fans, Dasher’s picks of Pujols and Ozzie earned him major props. If he wasn’t cool enough already, that sealed it.)

7)Who is your pick to win the 12 Large Summit?
Hallowicked, he has already beaten my first choice.

8)Were you trained at the Chikara Wrestle Factory? Even if you weren't would you recommend it as a good school for aspiring wrestlers?
In my opinions The Wrestle Factory is the best training center in the world. If you look at the level of performers that it continually produces, you will agree.

9)What has been your biggest moment and your lowest moment as a wrestler?
Lowest has happened twice. Twice we have been eliminated from King of Trios in the very first round. I don't like to talk about it.

Highest- Would have to be the time I spent wrestling for Osaka Pro. The experience I had while in Osaka is irreplaceable.

10)Do you think Charlie Sheen should make another Major League movie?
Major League is hands down my favorite movie of all time. Major League II was good, but not as good as the first one. Major League III has horrific! If you catch on to the pattern here then you should be able to figure out my answer.

From Chikara Pro
There you have it.  The first 10 Questions in my123cents history. Thanks to Dasher Hatfield.  For more on Chikara, including tour dates, videos, and blogs, head over to  Of course, after you check that out, stop by the my123cents Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

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