Saturday, September 29, 2018

Three men, one belt

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Heath Hatton is the new Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. He started his second reign after beating Tony Flood. And he's not wasting any time defending the belt. He'll take on two men he's teamed with and feuded with over the years.

Ax becomes champion
Ax Allwardt is the first man to lay claim to the Stride Championship, winning a fatal four-way match at the very first show. He and Hatton have a storied history that dates back many years, long before Stride was even a thought. Earlier this year, the two put their bitterness to the side and formed a tag team. The duo won the Stride Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles twice. Even though they're not teaming up anymore the two are still friendly with each other.

Hargas vs. Red Daniels (RIP)
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Chris Hargas rounds out the match. He has had classic battles with Hatton in SICW. The big man recently had a change of attitude and is now managed by Ax's former manager J. Wellington Beauregard. He picked up a win over Allwardt at the last show. That victory gives Beauregard extra momentum in his feud with Ax as he's eliminated his former charge in a battle royal and pinned him in a recent tag team match. Can that luck carry on next week and result in a championship win for Hargas?

Hatton on his way to gold
Hatton will no doubt be ready for each man and as you know from past triple threat matches, the champ is always at the disadvantage. Whoever scores the first pin becomes the champion, whether Hatton is the one pinned. The show is a fundraiser at Community Consolidated School District 204 in Pinckneyville. Be there!

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