Thursday, September 20, 2018

Prepare to have your fancies struck

J. Wellington Beauregard's 'Striking Your Fancy'
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Striking Your Fancy, hosted by Stride Pro Wrestling manager J. Wellington Beauregard, has become an entertaining way to kick off most of our shows. This Friday night will be no exception. The scheduled guest is the reigning Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Tony Flood. You may remember, Flood and J. Wells teamed up at the last show and beat Heath Hatton and Ax Allwardt. 

Courtesy: Steve Belcher
I'm sure Flood and Mr. Beauregard will use the forum as an opportunity to gloat over that victory. Flood will also likely take the opportunity to run down his challenger for the evening, Heath Hatton. Remember it was one year ago Hatton beat Flood for the Legacy Title and lost it right back eight days later. These two have a special chemistry in the ring against each other and it'll be a special night for sure.

J. Wells also has something special. Even though he disrespects the fans and the good guys on the Stride roster with his words, he at least does so in an entertaining way. He has become one of Stride's top 'guys you love to hate.' I mean that as a compliment. 

Eliminating Ax
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
His nearly year long war with Allwardt shows no signs of stopping either. After a demoralizing experience on Billy Hills' farm over the summer, J. Wells picked up a little revenge by eliminating Ax from the Stride Rumble and pinning his former charge. That victory came with some help from Chris Hargas and I'll be interested to see what the relationship is now between the former Legacy Champ and the manager.

You can find out what's up this Friday night (Sept. 21). Stride Pro Wrestling will be on hand for a fundraiser at Gallatin County School. Bell time is 7 p.m. We'll see you there. 

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