Friday, September 28, 2018

My monkey Mondo

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My 1-2-3 Cents was created eight years ago this month. Nearly four years ago, I introduced the world to the official mascot, a monkey. I went with a monkey to fall in line with the other mascots on the Jittery Monkey Podcasting Network. Artist Joe Dodd did an amazing job capturing the attitude and essence of the shows. 

About two years ago or so, I started a mission to name the monkey. I figured it would come in handy for marketing and branding purposes. I still have visions of toys, shirts and other merchandise. A name would make this all a little easier. However, after opening up the process for a name, I couldn't settle on anything. So, I put the idea on the back burner for a long time before getting the itch to take the branding effort to the next level.

After creating a store on Pro Wrestling Tees and having some design ideas that require a name to be a part of the effort, I turned to those who support the cause to ask for help. A ton of suggestions came in, but at the suggestion of Sam Banks, I wanted to go with something that sounded Lucha, since the monkey wears a mask. I scoured the internet for legends of Lucha trying to find inspiration without being a ripoff. 

One name that stood out early on was Mondo. It's used in reference to something very striking or remarkable of its kind. So after a Twitter poll and Facebook poll; voters made their voices known. Mondo wins. Thanks to Sam and Josh Petro (yes, I'm acknowledging him) for making the suggestion. Thanks to everyone who voted and will continue to support My 1-2-3 Cents and Mondo.

My 1-2-3 Cents the shoes
Thanks, Tom Harness
Look for more efforts to brand not only with the t-shirts and my custom suit from Shinesty but also my new Mondo shoes gifted to me by my buddy Tom Harness. 2018 has been good but 2019 will be even better. Thanks again. 

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