Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tag Team Partner Search

Air Boom's last match
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger on Twitter

I'm making a big assumption with this post that Evan Bourne will not be returning to the WWE after he's finished serving his latest suspension.  Even if he does come back, I think it's time for Kofi Kingston to find  a new partner and keep the whole Air Boom gimmick going.  Simply put, Evan just can't be counted on.  He's been suspended twice in the last several months.

Evan & Kofi at Raw
I realize Evan is the Air part of Air Boom.  Therefore, I think Kofi's new partner should also be a high flyer.  I really thought the creation of this tag team would lead to a tag team boom (pardon the pun) in the WWE, but it really hasn't lead to much.  Heck, Santino and Hacksaw Jim Duggan formed a team to take on the champs on SmackDown! recently.  So the company definitely needs to do something NOW about the situation.

Pac vs. El Generico (J. Wilkey)
My fantasy pick for this scenario would be PAC.  After all, he's "The Man Gravity Forgot".  I know he's content right now on the indy scene, but after seeing him wrestle in person recently at AAPW Main Event, this guy deserves a shot in the "big leagues."  Ideally, I'd like to see PAC wrestle in singles competition, but I think joining a tag team could be the fast track to stardom in the an environment like the WWE.  Look at Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.  I believe he and Kofi as the new Air Boom, could tear the house down with Epico and Primo.  Of course the WWE would need to continue to develop new tag teams along the way.  The Usos can't be the only other option.  Again, if you've never seen PAC in action, I would highly recommend seeking him out on YouTube.  (cheap plug: his match with El Generico will soon be available on DVD from AAPW, click here for details.)  Ultimately though, I think PAC needs to a bigger stage to be showcased.  Of course, the WWE has a way of neutering the style of indy stars.  CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kaval all come to mind.

Kaval in action (from WWE)
Speaking of Kaval, he's my second choice to fill the Air Boom void.  Bring him back to the WWE.  He was over with the fans while he was there.  It seemed that creative just didn't have anything for him at the time.  I enjoyed his work while he was with the company and think he really has the potential to be a major player.  He just didn't get that chance to shine.  His arrival came at a time when the mid and lower card was clogged with NXT rift raft.  Clearly Kaval brought something unique to the table and didn't have that cookie cutter E wrestler stereotype look.

Justin Gabriel vs. Big Show (WWE)
My final suggestion (I'm only doing three) is someone already on the roster.  Justin Gabriel.  Honestly this hadn't occurred to me until the Royal Rumble.  My friend Weston said while Gabriel was in the ring, "They should team him and Kofi together."  And that comment became the inspiration for this blog.  Gabriel does a lot of the same high spots that Evan does.  He's already in the company and would be the most logical choice of the three I mentioned.  He's also been a co-holder of the tag team titles with Heath Slater.  This option could definitely work, and now the he's engaged in a mini-feud with Cody Rhodes, I think that might give him a little more recognition among fans.

I know no one from the WWE will be reading this, but sometimes it's fun to do a little fantasy booking.  Suppose they formed the team of Gabriel and Kofi, they could still sign PAC and Kaval and create a team with them too.  Somethings gotta give.  As a fan of old school wrestling, I want to see more tag team matches with guys who are going to stick it out for the long haul, not these fly-by-night creations.

Also, I don't want this post to appear that I'm bashing Evan Bourne.  Based on the things I've read though, he's not happy with the WWE and personally I think right now he needs to focus on getting better.  I'd hate to see him become another statistic in the world of wrestling.

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