Monday, February 6, 2012

Black History Month: D'Lo Brown

D'Lo on the news!
By Kevin Hunsperger

D'Lo Brown is without a doubt one of the coolest wrestlers I've ever had the chance to meet.  He was in town last summer promoting the TNA Basebrawl event and appeared on the morning show I co-anchor (he's an agent for TNA now).  We talked briefly before the show and then of course during the course of the interview.  We talked again at the show (as I was the guest manager for Velvet Sky) and he gave me his number.  I've texted him since then and he's always responded.  I appreciate that.

I first took notice of D'Lo when he was with the Gangstas in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.  We didn't get SMW where I lived, but I read about it in magazines like Pro Wrestling Illustrated.  Based on what I read, I had the vibe that D'Lo was the newbie of the group, sort of the flunky if you will.

It wasn't long after that though that D'Lo would go national and join the WWF as a member of the Nation of Domination.  As the group got over with the fans, D'Lo would develop his trademark head swivel.  I still do it from time to time when his theme music pops up on my iPod.

Champ (from WWE)
While in the WWF, D'Lo won the now defunct European title four times.  He was also the Intercontinental champion at one point during the Attitude Era.  In fact at one point he held both belts at the same time.  If memory serves me correctly, he gave up one of the belts to Mark Henry, didn't he?

After dropping the belts and the disbandment of the Nation, he went on to form a team with Chaz (formerly of the Headbangers and Beaver Cleavage).  That duo was managed by Tiger Ali Singh.  The team didn't last long as two thirds of its members got released.  Brown stuck around and worked the mid card until finally leaving the WWE in 2003.

He bounced around to Japan and TNA, ROH, Chikara,  and even had another stint with the WWE in 2009.  Unfortunately it didn't work out and he's back in TNA/Impact Wrestling.  His style and look were different from the typical cookie cutter image the WWE has been churning out for the last several years.  It was nice to see someone who was different.

Flyin' high
I recently contacted D'Lo to find out if he's doing anymore wrestling on indy shows and he informed me that he is now retired.  It's too bad, as I would have loved to seen one more run from him.  I think the fans would dig it too, as the crowd at the 2011 Survivor Series started a "D'Lo Brown!" chant.  You better recognize!


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