Sunday, February 5, 2012

Black History Month: Kharma

Kharma's coming to get ya! (from WWE)
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger on Twitter

So far all the Black History Month posts have focused on men.  Now it's time to look at one of my favorite Divas: Kharma.  Her reappearance at the 2012 Royal Rumble was honestly my "mark out moment of the night."  In fact, I believe I'm correct in saying that was her FIRST match in the WWE.

Kharma first started appearing in vignettes about a year ago on WWE TV.  She'd ripped the body parts off of blond and brunette dolls and then end the piece with her loud, distinct cackle.  Then she came out and started attacking other Divas.  Michelle McCool, Maryse, and Eve were among her victims.  A short time later, Kharma revealed that she was pregnant and would be taking time off.  I think many fans wrote her off saying she wouldn't be back.

Kharma goes after Ziggler (from My 1-2-3 Cents)
On New Year's Eve, she delivered a baby boy and from the looks of things at the Royal Rumble, she's doing well.  I didn't expect to see her back so soon, and she's not been on Raw or SmackDown! in the post Rumble days, so I'm not sure if the appearance was just a quick one to get her back in the spotlight or what.  I'd still love to see her in a program with Beth Phoenix and have the two of them wrestle at Wrestlemania this year.  It would certainly be the Glamazon's biggest and toughest challenge to date.

Of course Kharma isn't a newcomer to the WWE.  She's got quite the wrestling resume, holding the TNA Knockouts title as well as belts in Japan and other promotions around the country.  My hope is once she's ready to come back full-time that the WWE gets behind her and lets her continue the domination.  Kharma coming back is exactly what the Divas division needs right now.  (insert hysterical laugh here)

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