Sunday, February 12, 2012

Black History Month: Matt Cage

Matt Cage in AAPW (Adam Testa)
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger on Twitter

With a Twitter handle like @proudcaucasian, you've got to assume that Matt Cage has a sense of humor.  For those who don't know who Matt is, he's an up and comer in the world of independent wrestling.  I've only recently come to see his work, but so far I'm impressed.

Matt and Christian Rose (known as Team Overkill) recently won the AAPW tag team titles.  The two work together very well as a team.  Right now, I think the world of wrestling needs more tag teams in it, and Team Overkill comes off as a unit, not as two great singles wrestlers put together to make a team.  I look forward to seeing them defend those newly won titles in the near future.

Team Overkill on the verge of winning the belts
Matt has also been the IWA-Unlimited heavyweight champion.  IWA-U is another independent wrestling company in southern Illinois.  Like many local indy stars, Matt works for multiple companies.  I've only seen the clips on YouTube, but he's had some great matches with current champion Joey O'Reilly as well.

As I mentioned, I've just started watching Matt Cage.  So far he's got what it takes to be a serious threat in the world of professional wrestling.  I look forward to his continued success both in singles and tag team competition.

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