Friday, February 10, 2012

Black History Month: Money Makin' Jam Boys

Money Makin' Jam Boys (Wilkey)
By Kevin Hunsperger

Directing today's focus back on the world of independent wrestling and former AAPW tag team champions, the Money Makin' Jam Boys.  KC "Action" Jackson and the Mississippi Mad Man are the most popular duo in the company.  Fans of all ages get behind this team every time they're in the ring. KC of course is the high flyer and risk taker, the Madman is just that.  And he's a powerhouse in there as well.

Me & the Madman
KC and Madman wrestle all over Illinois, collectively and on their own.  The first time I saw the Madman was at an event at the local baseball stadium.  I can't remember who he was teaming with, but I remember being quite impressed with his size.  This was before I had any kind of affiliation with AAPW, I was simply there as a fan.  After the show was over, Madman was kind enough to stop and pose for a picture with me.  I'm always impressed when wrestlers, no matter what level of wrestling they're on, take the time to meet with the fans.  It's even more special when they sign an autograph or pose for a picture.

Funny, but sad story on my part about KC.  The first night I was calling live AAPW action at SportsBlast in Carbondale and I made a huge mistake.  He and Madman were in a tag team match against "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and "Serial Thriller" Shane Rich.  Remember, it's KC Jackson in there with Greg Anthony.  And this of course was at the height of the Casey Anthony murder trial, and I'm a news anchor, so of course I called one of the guys KC Anthony.  Oops.  Big mistake, I caught myself and corrected, but felt like a huge boob anyway.

KC flys high (Wilkey)
Like I mentioned, the Jam Boys work together well as a team.  In fact, they prevailed in a tag team match at the AAPW Main Event show back in January.  One would have to assume this will put them into contention against tag team champions Team Overkill.

But whether it's in singles competition or as a tag team, KC Jackson and Mississippi Madman bring their all to the ring. It's been a pleasure working with them, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do together and on their own in the ring during season two of AAPW Collision.

Check out their work, and the rest of the talented AAPW roster by clicking here.

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