Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Black History Month: Iceman King Parsons

Iceman cometh
By Kevin Hunsperger

Growing up in the 80's exposed me to a lot of regional wrestling.  This was right before Vince McMahon went on his world domination of the business.  One of my favorite regions, actually it was my favorite region was World Class Championship Wrestling based out of Dallas, Texas.  And one of the most popular guys on the show was Iceman King Parsons, who by the way hailed from my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.  That made his appeal that much greater for me.

Parsons was a short and compact baby face.  He came to the ring to "We Are Family" and was very popular among the fans.  Iceman teamed up often with the ultimate good guys, the Von Erich brothers.  Parsons also teamed up with the likes of Bruiser Brody, "Rock n Roll" Buck Zumhofe, and Brian Adias.  He wore tag team gold as well as the WCCW TV championship.

One of the best memories I have is when he wrestled Buddy Roberts of Fabulous Freebirds fame in a hair vs. hair match.  With his tight braids, Iceman was proud of his unique look. Roberts cheated to "win", but the referee restarted the match. Parsons ended up knocking out his foe with a butt bump and rubbed the hair removal cream in Roberts hair.  This resulted in the Freebird wearing a wig and headgear for several months.

Zumhofe & Parsons
All seemed hunky dory with the Iceman.  Fans cheered him as he head butted and butt bumped his way to victory after victory.  He would dance in the ring and keep the crowd pumped up.  But in 1987 he became a heel and joined forces with Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts as they feuded with the Von Erichs and Michael Hayes.  He even won the company's heavyweight championship during his stint as a bad guy. I was disappointed by his heel turn, as I enjoyed his work as a face and remember, I was a huge Von Erich mark back then.

I remember he coined the phrase (or at least I heard it from him first), "raggedy roody poo" in reference to people he didn't care for.  Eventually Stevie Ray (Harlem Heat) and the Rock would use the phrase too.

After World Class folded, or maybe even before, Iceman jumped to Global and wrestled with Perry "Action" Jackson.  He's been semi retired since about 2001 and apparently still lives in Texas.

While he never wrestled for "the big leagues", Parsons certainly made a name for himself in smaller promotions.  He left an impression on me as a kid with his charisma and excitement he brought to each and every match.

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  1. I absolutely agree. I remember everything that you have written about sir. Those were joyful times when one sad promotion did not run the entire wrestling sphere. Iceman Parsons was in my opinion one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time. WCCW was also my favorite promotion growing up as a child in Ohio. I used to watch the shows of the old matches and I still love them.