Friday, February 24, 2012

Black History Month: Jacqueline

Jacqueline (WWE)
By Kevin Hunsperger
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My first memories of Jacqueline come from her days of working in the USWA as Miss Texas.  By the time she arrived on the scene, my cable provider didn't carry USWA, so I read about her in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.  In fact, I believe it was in one of the issues that she was ranked in the Top 500 and it caused a bit of controversy that a woman made the list.

However, I think Jacqueline has proven she can hang with the ladies and the men of the ring.  After leaving Texas and working briefly in WCW, she ended up in the WWE.  Jackie, Terri, and Ryan Shamrock made up the trio PMS, Pretty Mean Sisters.  Jackie also feuded with Sable as she offered Marc Mero a shoulder to cry on after he and Sable split.

She won the WWE women's title from Harvey Wippleman of all people.  Don't ask if you don't remember.  Then she dropped the title to Stephanie McMahon.  Again, don't ask.  All told, she held the title two times while in the WWE.  She is also only the second woman in the company's history to hold a "man's title" when she beat Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight title.  (Chyna of course held the WWF Intercontiental title, Madusa and Daffney also held the Cruiserweight title, but in WCW)

PMS & Meat
Another tidbit about Jackie, which I had forgotten, she was a referee for a time in WWE.  If my memory serves me correctly, she may have been the first female main stream referee.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Despite her successes, unfortunately for Jackie, creative claims they had nothing for her character and she was released from the company.  She ended up in TNA and managed Beer Money as "Miss Tennessee."  She's come and gone from the company over the last few years, most recently teaming up with ODB to take on Velvet Sky.  But she once again left TNA in late 2011.

I'd like to see Jackie used again in the WWE as a trainer type, as she had a lot of success with helping on Tough Enough.  She had a different look than all the other Divas in the WWE during the Attitude Era and had a lot of talent.  I think she may be one of the most under appreciated females in the history of the company.

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