Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I've Cena Nuff

By Chad Smart
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Oh man, that headline never gets old. Long time readers know I’m not the biggest John Cena supporter. I actually think Cena is a decent enough wrestler and from all reports outside the ring, he seems like a stand up kind of guy.  My biggest complaint is the way John Cena the character is presented on television. After the 8/15/11 episode of Monday Night Raw, the longest running episodic program in television history on Monday nights, I am firmly back on the “Get Cena off the air” bandwagon.

We almost got through an entire episode without Cena. I posted a comment on Facebook/Twitter wondering if it is possible to do a show completely void of a John Cena appearance. Remember, even when Cena was “fired” he was on the show. About four minutes after posting, Cena came running down to the ring to save Rey Mysterio from an attack by new undisputed (not sure why they are now referring to the champion as undisputed instead of just WWE Champion) champion Alberto Del Rio.  After running Del Rio off, Cena grabbed a microphone and made several comments that were both moronic and signaled Cena as being the first feud for Mr. Destiny.

Let’s look at the moronic statements first. Cena criticized Del Rio for the way he won the title. Granted, Del Rio cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on a hapless CM Punk winning the WWE title in a time frame that King Kong Bundy would envy.  But so what, every MITB winner except Rob Van Dam has won the title in that fashion. Cena made it seem like Del Rio was unfit to be champion because of the way he won. Cena’s complaint was made even worse when you consider less than an hour earlier CM Punk (the man Del Rio pinned for the title) came out and said he had no problem with Del Rio’s actions because Punk himself had won the title on two occasions in the same fashion. So if the guy who was “robbed’ of the title is okay with it, why is Cena so upset?

Cena went on to tell Del Rio once he (Del Rio) starts defending the title there would be a huge bulls eye on his back. The way Cena made the comment completely invalidated the match Del Rio had just finished with Rey Mysterio. Apparently John Cena only considers himself to be a worthy title challenger. And therein lies my biggest complaint.

Alberto Del Rio won the title from CM Punk, yet John Cena is going to be the guy challenging to get the title Cena lost the title at Money In the Bank and technically lost the rematch at SummerSlam so why is he getting the first feud with Del Rio? Why has CM Punk seemingly been transitioned into a feud with Kevin Nash instead of getting a rematch for the WWE Championship? Why is the Miz doing Subway promos instead of actually wrestling? Why feed Del Rio to Super Cena right off the bat instead of putting some fresh faces into the title picture and build Del Rio up as champion?  Has WWE not learned anything from the way they used Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Christian as champions?

Again, I want to make it clear, I do not hate John Cena. I hate the way John Cena has to be the focal point of every show. Part of the reason why I find WWE to be so boring is because even though they say, “anything can happen,” something new rarely does.  It’s time to move Cena into role of helping establish up and coming talent for at least a year. And oh yeah, he’s got a little match at Wrestlemania against the Rock already penciled in. Will the anticipation for that match suffer if Cena isn’t holding the title above his head and yelling, “the champ is here!”  I don’t think so.

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  1. Cena should have been told on air by WWE "Sorry. You lost to CM Punk. Welcome to mid-card hell. Earn your way back to the title, John." It would have given John a goal... and driving force. And it would have been a nice way for him to help elevate folk like Swagger and other forgotten WWE talent. Then after fighting his way back, he could get his title shot. Makes sense to me. Cena doesn't need the title. The Miz, Swagger, and others do.