Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He's No "Ace"

By Kevin Hunsperger
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There's been a lot more talk about WWE Senior Vice President for Talent Relations John Laurinaitis lately.  It heated up during the whole John Cena-CM Punk angle, and continued when the VP recently appeared on Monday Night Raw.

That's our guy on the right
For those who don't understand the title of this blog, Laurinaitis wrestled as Johnny Ace back in the day.  Cena made a reference to his skateboard the other night during Raw.  Ace and Shane Douglas were the Dynamic Dudes.  He's also the brother of Road Warrior Animal.  Now that you're caught up on who Mr. Laurinaitis is, let's get back to the task at hand.

Far be it for me to criticize the job someone is doing.  (We never do that, right?)  But I would like to make some observations.  Unless this angle is leading to the replacement of Laurinaitis in his role as Senior VP for Talent, then I don't understand why he's on TV right now.  I think he should be, oh I don't know, focusing on finding and promoting talent for the company.

It's no secret that there is a huge lack of talent at the top of the WWE roster.  Right now John Cena and Randy Orton are the only two real big names in the company that are currently active.  I don't count the Undertaker or Triple H since they both are seemingly semi-retired from the ring.

Laurinaitis has been in his current role since 2009.  I'm not sure exactly when he took over the position from Jim Ross, but we're not seeing a whole lot of results from that promotion.  But can we pin everything on him?  I'm not sure how much power he has, but I would assume he's pretty high up on the food chain in the WWE.  With the exception of the CM Punk angle (which is now fizzling, sorry but it is), what other talent other than Cena or Orton is being pushed?  Chad recently posted about how Raw and SmackDown are the same week in and week out, yet there is no real diamond in the rough on either show.

Alberto wins the Rumble (from Erik Stensland)
There are guys who are getting themselves over, only to be ignored by management (Zack Ryder comes to mind) and there are others who got a push but then for whatever reason officials pulled back the reigns (Jack Swagger, Sheamus, and the Miz).  Alberto Del Rio seems to be in line for a push now.  I'm just interested to see where he'll be in a year.  Same goes for Daniel Bryan.  It seems like the company has the old standby of going back to Cena and Orton as their top guys.

So I guess what I'm saying is this.  Laurinaitis bragged Monday night about being in WWE management for a decade now.  But what has he really accomplished in that time?  It's time to poop or get off the corporate pot.  Just sayin'...

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