Friday, May 25, 2018

'Stride Goes Steel' by the numbers

The cage is ready, are you?

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

Stride Goes Steel in the 'Ville is just a day away. The Stride Pro Wrestling fundraiser is an all-steel cage match show. In an effort to encourage you, the loyal My 1-2-3 Cents reader, to come to the show I've broken the event down by the numbers.

12 feet off the ground is how high the cage stands.

Not pictured: Daniel Eads
23 men will be competing in 6 steel cage matches. Of those men, 13 have held or currently hold a championship in Stride. Some have been multi-time champs.

600 E. Water Street is the address to Pinckneyville Community High School, our event host. And 618-357-5013 is the number to call for tickets.

10 & 15 are the number of dollars you'll pay for a ticket, 15 bucks for a floor seat and 10 for a bleacher seat.

41 days ago El Magnifico was viciously attacked by Wraith, Ryzer and Chase King. That attack kept the Lucha star out of action since. He teams up with "Farmer" Billy Hills & "T-Dog" Jerry Travelstead.

5 men will battle for a shot at the Legacy Championship next month. (Chris Hargas, Scott Phoenix, Arron Brooks, Daniel Eads and Cash Borden are all in.)

10 championships have been held between the four men competing for the Stride Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles. Ax Allwardt has had four, Heath Hatton has had four, Bo Sawyer has had one and Jason Tiller has had one. 

Hundreds of fans will be cheering educators Josh Plumlee and Tony Wilson as they battle they DR Party.  

1 lead pipe has made a difference several times in the feud between Jay Spade and Tony Flood. 

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0 is my chance of surviving the ass whipping I'm going to receive at the hands of Roger Matheus, according to the oddsmakers in Las Vegas.

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