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Instead of Bundy, how about Brody

Brody & Bundy

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When I started the 'Instead of' blogs a few weeks ago the intent was to look at Superstars who never won a championship and replace that person with someone who had. Today, I'm talking about swapping out a top contender with another. It's King Kong Bundy and Bruiser Brody.

My wrestling fandom came in the final years of Brody's life. It's hard to believe this summer will mark 30 years since he was murdered in Puerto Rico. Brody was a renegade who typically played by his own rules and avoided staying in one territory or company too long. During the boom of the 80s, he would have been the perfect foil for Hulk Hogan, assuming Vince McMahon would let Brody be Brody.

Bundy, Andre and Studd
Courtesy: WWE
King Kong Bundy had come into the WWF in late 1984 and ran roughshod over the competition. At the first WrestleMania, he destroyed SD Jones in nine seconds (yes, I know it was a little longer, but that's the 'official' time). As the year progressed, Bundy feuded with bigger names in the company, including the biggest in Andre the Giant. In early 1986, Bundy set his sites on Hogan and attacked the champion on Saturday Night's Main Event. This led to the main event match at WrestleMania II inside a steel cage.

Don't get me wrong. I've always liked Bundy. But the point of this blog is to look at other options. To do a little fantasy booking if you will. Imagine if instead of Bundy attacking Hogan during the match against Magnificent Muraco it was Brody bursting from the back with a chain in tow. I'd still pair him with Bobby Heenan, as he was Hogan's biggest rival. I can hear Brody's signature 'HUSK!' as he stands over a prone Hogan, bloodied and crumpled in the ring after the attack. Heenan announcing to the world he's signed the most unpredictable man in wrestling to a contract.  

This, of course, would lead to several wars of words prior to WrestleMania. Brody attacks Paul Orndorff, prompting Hogan to make the save. I'd send Bundy to Chicago for Mania to be in the battle royal. Then that summer, I'd pair he and Big John Studd against the new WWF tag team champions the British Bulldogs. 

Brody would continue to feud with Hogan and Orndorff after losing to the champ, even teaming up with Intercontinental Champion "Macho Man" Randy Savage on a summer edition of SNME. That's where the Orndorff heel turn could come into play and he rejoins the Heenan family like he did. Like I mentioned, Brody was never one to stay in one place too long, so he'd leave the company before being saddled with some sort of silly cartoonish gimmick. Andre could still turn on Hogan and the two head to WrestleMania III.

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