Saturday, May 12, 2018

Some pro wrestling limericks

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May 12 is Limerick Day. So I got the creative juices flowing and decided to put together a few rhymes to help promote the Stride Pro Wrestling all-steel cage match show coming up on Saturday, May 26.  

Hatton is a wrestler with great pride.
He's been all three champions in Stride.
He teams up with Ax.
Skips all the snacks.
And never eats anything fried.

Two big guys you all should know
Jason and his partner named Bo.
It's monsters they hunt.
And tag gold each want.
Watch out for them at the next show.

Dexter wants Stride to be great.
But he's one the fans love to hate.
J. Wells and the rest
all try their best 
to change the DR Party's fate. 

Stride has a big, scary bully.
His actions are often unruly.
Matheus slammed Brooke.
And that's all it took.
As I plan to make him pay fully.

Wraith has risen from the dead.
No words have he ever said.
With Ryzer and King
he rules the ring.
So please stop calling him Red.

Farmer's and T-Dog's fists will swing.
Opposing Ryzer, Wraith and King.
They'll take out their rage
inside the cage. 
But who else joins them in the ring? 

Flood used a pipe to beat Spade.
That caused the fans to throw shade.
They've teamed in the past
but that didn't last.
And the heavyweight title they trade.

Cash, Hargis, Brooks and Scott
will all be fighting for a shot
at Legacy gold.
How will it unfold?
They'll give it all they've got.

Hope to see you Saturday, May 26 at Pinckneyville High School. It'll be a great show for a great cause.

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