Thursday, May 31, 2018

Three mistakes I made in the ring

Matheus beating me up
Courtesy: Tom Harness

By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

I've talked a lot about it lately, and I will likely continue for the next couple of weeks, but more and more sporadically. But over the weekend I stepped into the ring and had my second wrestling match ever. I'm going to assume you've heard the podcast or seen the previous blog or social media posts. So long story short, I won (making me 2-0 in the ring). Despite my excitement and even nearly a week later, I am feeling that wrestling buzz. 

Despite the feelings I have, of course, I am going to critique myself now. After all, I've spent the past 7+ years providing my 1-2-3 cents on WWE Superstars and other pro wrestlers around the globe. 

First I wish I was 20 years younger. I can't change that though. Back when I was 25 I had no desire to be a wrestler. I wanted to be a manager though. But I was content being the camera guy for an indy company in Alabama. I honestly believe had I expressed an interest in doing more, the management would have worked with me. But I was too intimidated to ever ask. I regret not saying something and training to be a wrestler. There, I finally said it.

Could've ended badly
Courtesy: Jamie Woodworth
Secondly, for my match, I wish I would have trained harder. Yes, I hit the gym and ate healthier in the weeks leading up to my showdown in the cage against Roger Matheus. I even visited the Stride Pro Wrestling School. However, I spent months preparing to take the stage and perform Bust a Move and other rap songs at the Red Carpet Gala for Hospice of Southern Illinois. One particular spot in the match could have resulted in a broken arm when I put didn't fall flat during the electric chair move. I lucked out.

Pull up those drawers
Courtesy: Tom Harness
I should have worn a belt. I still stand by my choice to not wear wrestling gear in my match. I'm an announcer. I believe it would look weird for me to be in tights or a singlet (not just because of my Dad Bod). I went with the jeans and boots on the advice of a long time veteran. His logic made sense to me:

"You aren't a wrestler. You're a man going into a cage to fight a man that beat up your 12-year-old daughter. What would you want to do to someone that REALLY did that to your daughter? Would you care that he was stronger or more experienced? I think you'd go in there with murder on your mind. You wouldn't be showing up to wrestle. You'd be showing up for a possible life or death situation."

I'll go ahead and say it, it was Ax Allwardt who told me this. I value his opinion a lot. After he suggested it, I asked others to vote on the jeans and boots or basketball shorts and a tee shirt. A few of the teachers on the show were going with that look so that was the other reason I went with the jeans. However, with that belt, I kept pulling up my pants. In some of the pics, you can even see my Ric Flair WrassleRoos showing. Wooo!

It ain't pretty, but it worked for a minute
Courtesy: Jamie Woodworth
Will I do it again? Try to go 3-0? I never say never. But let's face it, I don't want to wait another six years for the next match like I did for this one. No one will want to see a 51-year-old news anchor get his ass kicked, will they?

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