Sunday, January 14, 2018

Roger Matheus snaps

Lane Austin attacked

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I wish the headline for this blog was referring to Roger Matheus signing up for Snapchat, but unfortunately, that's not the case. The former Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion has always been the most intimidating force in the locker room. But his action at Saturday night's show in Carterville sealed the deal on his "Mad Viking" persona.

Matheus was in a rematch against new champion Jay Spade. There wasn't a whole lot of wrestling going on as Matheus attacked early and often. He choked Spade in the corner and on the ropes several times as referee Lane Austin started the five count. Each time, the wily veteran would break the hold as Lane reached four.
Matheus snaps
The matched continued and the former champ cornered Spade again and was relentless in his attack. As Lane began the count, Matheus shoved the referee in a fit of rage. He shoved him hard too, Lane, who is built like a bulldog, hit the mat as if he was a ragdoll. Finally sick of Matheus' actions, Lane called for the bell indicating the challenger had been disqualified. That's when things got scary. Matheus grabbed Lane and delivered an End of Days to him, leaving Lane lifeless on the mat. The look in Matheus' eyes was downright frightening. 

Me and Lane before the show
Allow me to show a little bias here. I'm speaking as Lane's friend, but also a wrestling fan. Matheus' actions are inexcusable. It was bad enough he punished Spade throughout the match. But assaulting a referee is crossing the line. I don't know what implications will come from Matheus' attack, but it seemed clear he was more intent on hurting Spade than winning the championship. Be sure to stay tuned and join Stride Pro Wrestling once again on Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Illinois Star Centre Mall in Marion.

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