Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stride Pro Wrestling's Survivor Series

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Survivor Series has been one of my favorite events since its inception 30 years ago. But it's the elimination matches that made the night special for me. I was especially fond of the slogan "Teams of five strive to survive." So I've decided to use the talent (past and present) from Stride Pro Wrestling to create my own Survivor Series event. 

Match 1
Old School Discipline (thanks, Asa Gray for the name)
Ax Allwardt, Jerry Travelstead, Josh Plumlee, El Magnifico and String Bean w/ Gaylord Stephens


The DR Party
Dexter Roswell, Scott Phoenix, Brian Richards, Aaron Edwards and Nathan Brag w/J. Wellington Beauregard

Match 2
Damage Inc. 
Frank Wyatt, "Homicidal" Steven Davis, Kyle Pipher, Brandon Walker and Carnage w/ Brooklyn Bobby


The Intimidators 
Josh Totten, Johnny Blade, Beau Tatum, Bull Bronson and Shane Laud

Match 3
Diamonds in the Rough 
Dalton Diamond, Brandon Espinosa, Jake Capone, Dale Wylde and the Ragin' Redneck


High Flyers
Cash Borden, Joey O'Riley, Arron Brooks, Justin D'air and Eugene Drip

Match 4 

Southern Discomfort
Roger Matheus, Farmer Billy Hills, Tony Flood, Red Daniels and Daniel Eads w/ Sarah Summers


Hatton's Heroes
Heath Hatton, Jay Spade, Chris Hargas, JD Wilk and Curly 

I'm not making any predictions on how these matches would go. I'm just presenting the card. You can come up with your own finishes or build completely different teams. It's all for fun. Who's on your Stride Pro Wrestling fantasy Survivor Series teams? 

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