Friday, November 10, 2017

Fun Fact Friday: Lane Austin

Lane Austin
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
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Back in the 80s and 90s, wrestling fans knew who the referees in the ring were just as much as they knew the wrestlers, managers and announcers. But that trend has slowed down quite a bit, especially in WWE. Other than a couple of the longtime officials, I would be hard-pressed to name any other refs. That, however, is not the case with independent wrestling, especially in Stride Pro Wrestling.  

Cheaters never win...
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Lane Austin is Stride's lone official unless there's a call for a special guest referee. He gets a lot of grief from the fans for not always counting to three as quickly as they'd like. But "Luscious" Lane has become one of the most popular personalities on the entire roster. I'm also proud to call him my friend. I wanted to know more about Lane, who is a father of two young sons, so here are some fun facts about my favorite referee.

Thumbs up for Lane
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
1. As you can tell by watching him in the ring (or on social media), Lane is an avid gym goer. He catches all kinds of hell for that online and in the locker room. But his work speaks for itself. And being the only ref on the card can be physically draining and not to mention when guys put their hands on Lane when a call doesn't go their way.

2. His favorite movie that deserves Oscar consideration is The Princess Bride.  Inconceivable, right?

3. At age seven, Lane was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. He has not let that condition hinder him in any way. It's that positive attitude that more people need to adopt.

Lane at Cape Championship Wrestling
You can see Lane in the ring as he officiates for Cape Championship Wrestling on Saturday, Nov. 25 and again for Stride Pro Wrestling's Buried Alive event on Saturday, Dec. 9. 

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  1. Lane Austin won a belt in WWE? When did this happen? I am so happy for him. He was one of my favourite wrestler. By the way this article is very well written. Appreciated.