Thursday, November 16, 2017

Daniel Bryan will turn at Survivor Series

Daniel Bryan
Courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
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Disclaimer: I don't read the dirt sheets or most other "news" sites. I'm basing this blog on my own observations of Raw and SmackDown Live in the weeks leading up to this Sunday's Survivor Series event.

Daniel Bryan will either turn on AJ Styles or Shane McMahon and the rest of Team SmackDown. Here are the cues I picked up on and am probably looking too hard at, but I need a blog today and I hate not posting when I have a feeling like this and it turns out I was right. So here we go.

Survivor Series has had a few incidents when a "screw job" happened, the most infamous being 20 years ago this month. Despite not having had a match for more than two years, Bryan is still one of (or maybe the) most over guys in the company. Turning bad or at least against "his" show would be jaw-dropping. 

He went to Raw alone a couple of weeks ago to confront Kurt Angle. Then the lights went out, Kane appeared and Bryan was carted out on a stretcher. Why was he there alone? He and Shane are usually on the same page, but since the siege a few weeks ago, the two have been at odds.

Bryan's promo supporting AJ Tuesday night came off well. Sounded like he himself would be stepping into the ring. But there was something about the way he delivered it just made me think he's gonna stab AJ in the back. I can't explain why.  

Later that night when The Shield hit the ring along with other Raw Superstars, the SmackDown locker room quickly cleared and joined the battle. As the General Manager of the blue brand, I'd expect to at least see Bryan rallying his roster or trying to fight off the attackers. Since I don't know what limitations he has in terms of taking bumps, I again may be reading too much into his absence at the end of the show.

There's been plenty of online chatter that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will screw over the SmackDown team. In my 1-2-3 cents, WWE knows the fans are expecting it and will go with someone else to make the turn. Bryan would be the most shocking person to pull this off.

Here's the tricky part to this though. I don't see the WWE Universe booing Daniel Bryan. He's just a likable guy in general and if WWE allows him to wrestle again (he's reportedly been cleared by more than one doctor to do so) the fans will go nuts. However, Bryan is hands down the best example of making chicken salad out of chicken sh!t when it comes to WWE storylines.

So in closing, Bryan may not turn his back on the fans, but I see him walking away from Shane and SmackDown. I'm not gonna lie though, if he's cleared to wrestle again, I'd love a Bryan vs. Shane or AJ Styles match at WrestleMania.

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