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Undertaker's last ride?
Courtesy: WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Less than 24 hours ago, the Undertaker seemingly had what was his last match. After more than 25 years with the same gimmick and the same company, Mark Calloway has called it a career. And what a career it's been. I took to social media to get readers thoughts on the Undertaker. I'll include those along with my own for this blog.

Undertaker's debut
Courtesy: WWE
I'm old enough to remember the Undertaker when he was the Punisher in World Class Championship Wrestling and "Mean" Mark Callous in WCW. His debut in the WWF in 1990 caught my attention, but I never thought the Undertaker gimmick would go very far. To me, it was another cartoon character idea Vince McMahon and his team came up with and the guy would be gone in a year or two.

While I was never a huge fan of the Undertaker, I certainly respected his work ethic and ability to work in the ring. He did things I'd not seen a big man do before. Plus his loyalty to McMahon and the WWF/E is second to none. He never jumped ship, even when times were tough. 

WrestleMania 29 entrance
Courtesy: Chad Smart/My 1-2-3 Cents
Undertaker never lost his smile or whined about his role in the company. He got in the ring and kicked ass. He put over guys when the time was right and built an impressive streak of victories up at WrestleMania in the process. He's beaten everyone in the business from Ric Flair to the Rock to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. 

Hell in a Cell
Courtesy: WWE
My favorite feud for the Undertaker was his battles with Mankind. Mick Foley seemed to be the first true throne in the side of the Deadman. Then when Paul Bearer betrayed Undertaker and joined Mankind, it was like a rebirth of sorts for Undertaker. The Hell in a Cell match sticks out as an instant favorite. I was in the arena live the night he battled Shawn Michaels at the first HIAC. I watched him retire Michaels and have his streak ended by Brock. All great memories of the Undertaker.

The American Badass
Courtesy: WWE
His gimmick tweaked a bit through the years, but Undertaker remained at the top of the card for most of his run. For that, I am impressed and salute the man behind it all, Mark Calaway. You have put your body on the line for us for decades. Thank you for that and enjoy your retirement, you certainly deserve it.  Here's what others are saying in the My 1-2-3 Cents community.

WrestleMania 28
Courtesy: WWE
Greg MehochkoI'm going to share with you what I thought should have been Undertaker's last sighting. After 'Taker/HHH v.2 with HBK as the special guest referee. It made the most sense to have the "old guard" leaving the stadium together, then one final embrace. Those guys did all they needed to do and told an amazing story in that match. I was wholly disappointed to see that that was not Undertaker's final appearance. It seemed the most natural. It was like, after the fact, they (creative, Vince, Taker even) forgot about that moment and how amazing it was, and how it felt like the best possible time for him to step away from in-ring performances.

Andrew Whipple (@ItsWhipple) - I always liked his American Badass character. But I think my favorite is the HITC with Mankind.

Draven Glasco - WM 20 when he finally returned to being the Deadman.

Undertaker's attire after WrestleMania 33
Courtesy: WWE
Chad Smart - If this is the end of the Dead Man, then WrestleMania 33 is my favorite moment.

Dillon Huffman (@DillonHuffmanTV) - Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels WrestleMania 25

Sam Banks - Thankfully we won't have to suffer through any more Undertaker matches. That guy's been complete sh!t for a very long time. 

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