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Stride Pro Wrestling: New tag champs crowned, BIG guest coming in May

Maximum Overdrive
Photo courtesy: Scott Phoenix

 By Kevin Hunsperger
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Tag Team Turmoil is history, and the event lived up to its name. In what many fans have said was a shock, the team of Ax Allwardt and Scott Phoenix are the new Stride Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Maximum Overdrive overcame three other teams to win the gold.

The first team eliminated from the match was the Midwest Mafia. Red Daniels was pinned by Jay Spade after Red was shoved by his own partner, Jake Capone. The two argued to the back, with Capone saying he was done with Daniels. That only enraged Red even more who came back and assaulted Spade with a chair.

Ax trash talking Sarah
Courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
The next team eliminated was Farmer Billy Hills and Sarah Summers. Summers got counted out because she brawled with Little Bit and Alexxa Flood outside the ring. The ladies all have bad blood with one another, so it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. Before she was eliminated, Sarah soared to the outside of the ring, crashing into many of the men involved in the match. It was a spectacular move to see in person.

Phoenix pins Spade
Courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
As you read in the most recent Foreign Object Friday blog, Ax's chain came into play in the final moments of the match. He clocked Spade with it, allowing Phoenix to score the pin. The two celebrated their win in the ring and backstage with their manager J. Wellington Beauregard. But I suspect the party won't go on too long, as the new champs have made an enemy out of Josh Plumlee. 

Coming May 6
Pinckneyville 204
Courtesy: Impact Wrestling
The teacher-turned wrestler was on hand to announce that the next Stride Pro Wrestling show (May 6) is a fundraiser for tornado victims here in southern Illinois. The special guest that night will be Tyrus (formerly Brodus Clay in WWE). Maximum Overdrive and Beauregard took the opportunity to assault Plumlee as I was interviewing him. Look for more develops on Stride's Facebook page and right here on the blog. That show is being held at Pinckneyville Consolidated 204 school.

Roger Matheus vs. Eugene Drip
Courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
A few other notes from Tag Team Turmoil, the DR Party tried to make Stride great again by facing champion Heath Hatton and Chris Hargas. But Brian Richards and Dexter Roswell came up short. Hatton will defend against Roger Matheus at that May show in a TLC Match. Speaking of Matheus, he destroyed Eugene Drip, although the lovable nerd put up a good fight at least for a moment or two.

JD Wilk via Boomerang
Courtesy: My 1-2-3 Cents
JD Wilk got some revenge against Nathan Brag, who had kicked Wilk below the belt last month while refereeing his match against the DR Party. The newest member of the group was beaten by Wilk in a grudge match. But Dexter Roswell and company ended up attacking Wilk after the win. Little Bit picked up her first win in Stride by beating Alexxa Flood and Tony Flood successfully defended the Stride Pro Wrestling Legacy Championship against Cash Bordin. 

Stay tuned for more announcements concerning May 6. I'm looking forward to the action already.

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