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A 'Little Bit' about Marni Gras

Marni Gras ready for action
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

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Long before the Divas Revolution/Women's Evolution in WWE, women's wrestling has been a big part of the independent scene. Stride Pro Wrestling is building a roster of women too. Sarah Summers will step into the ring Saturday night and team with Farmer Billy Hills to battle three other teams in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Turmoil match for the Stride Pro Wrestling Tag Team Titles. 

Marni vs. Summers
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Last month, Summers did battle with Stride newcomer Marni Gras. For fans who think Marni looks familiar, there's a good reason. She also wrestles in Cape Championship Wrestling as Little Bit. She's already put it out there that she's returning this Saturday night, but says "I just can't figure out which personality is going to show up." We do know the opponent will be the always dangerous Alexxa Flood. We've seen here in battles with not just Summers, but Farmer too. 

Marni gets aggressive
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Marni will need to come to Stride with her A game. Last time she was her, she gave Summers a very competitive match. I've also seen her compete at CCW and have been impressed. Her downfall in March though was when she tried to take a shortcut. Summers turned the tables on an attempt to throw glitter and Marni ended up being blinded and pinned.

The women of Stride Pro Wrestling
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
It'll be interesting to see which woman goes to the well for something underhanded first because both Flood and Marni have a reputation for bending the rules. It's all good though as adding more women to the Stride Pro Wrestling roster is definitely a good thing. Little Bit will be a part of Cape Championship Wrestling's first ever Girl Fight. It's the Luna Vachon Memorial Tournament and part of a huge weekend of wrestling coming to southeast Missouri (April 21 & 22). Listen to Monday's podcast for more details on that show. 

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