Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Did the Superstar Shakeup happen too soon?

Orton & Wyatt
Courtesy: WWE
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The question of the day: Did the Superstar Shakeup happen too soon? Short answer: Yes. But since I get paid by the word, I'll go into long form here. (Editor's note: I don't get paid by the word.) 

Owens & Jericho
Courtesy: WWE
I have enjoyed the stories coming out of the Shakeup and my only criticism is it seems to have happened too soon after WrestleMania. Loose ends weren't tied up before Bray Wyatt went to Raw and Kevin Owens went to SmackDown Live. Because of this, there are now two championships that are no longer on Raw being defended on a Raw event. It's not a huge deal, but when it comes to the brand split and pay per views, I prefer only the big four shows to have inter-brand matches.

I have more thoughts on the upcoming Payback event, but since it's only Tuesday and I hope they're going to add another match or two, I'm going to wait until later in the week to weigh in on those thoughts. Overall though I'm pleased with the way stories are currently developing. I would have waited until after Payback to do the Shakeup. 

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