Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nothing to Brag about

The DR Party
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
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At the most recent Stride Pro Wrestling show, referee Nathan Brag pulled the wool over the eyes of the fans and the team of JD Wilks and Eugene Drip. The duo was battling the DR Party, Dexter Roswell and Brian Richards when Brag delivered a low blow to Wilk and set up the victory for Roswell and Richards. 

JD Wilk vs. Dexter Roswell
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Brag took it a step further and revealed he is, in fact, the third member of the DR Party. But the celebrating will be cut short. This Saturday night, Wilk goes for revenge on Brag. The two will do battle on the undercard of Stride Pro Wrestling's Tag Team Turmoil show. Both guys have plenty to prove, as Brag wants to show Roswell he's worthy of being in the DR Party. 

Wilk flies
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
This is a huge opportunity for Wilk too. Since debuting at the December Stride show, he has built up a solid fan base. His in ring work is spot on as he can go toe to toe with opponents on the mat, but also take to air and wow the crowd with his moves. Wilk will certainly take Brag to the limit Saturday night and look for the all-important win against the referee turned wrestler. 

Wilk vs. Scott Phoenix
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Wilk is a rising star in this region, also making Cape Championship Wrestling his home. He works hard inside and outside of the ring. Keep an eye out for him, he is going places. I look forward to seeing JD Wilk continue to grow and hone his craft with Stride Pro Wrestling.  

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