Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don't cross the boss

Tony Flood chews out GM Sam Hunter
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

By Kevin Hunsperger
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It's not easy being the boss. Just ask Stride Pro Wrestling General Manager Sam Hunter. The Stride Board of Directors selected Hunter for the job more than a year ago. In that time he's faced plenty of opposition from the men and women on the Stride roster. However, fans overall seem happy with Hunter's performance.

Courtesy: Steve Belcher
Some of the backlash he's faced includes Ax Allwardt and manager J. Wellington Beauregard. The two were major thorns in Sam's side as Ax became a combative and cocky champion. Beauregard threatened legal action more than once, but Sam has always stood his ground. It also helps that he has the backing and support from the Stride Board of Directors.

Alexxa Flood gets an ear full
Courtesy: Steve Belcher

For the most part, Sam is pretty even keel. But that demeanor has changed as he has become more comfortable with his job and his role in Stride. Tony and Alexxa Flood have needled the GM for months now, so much so that Sam was forced to fire Tony. However, a loophole has seen the return of the Northern Saint, albeit under a mask at first. After it was revealed that Flood was the man behind the El Fabuloso character, Sam exploded. I've never seen this type of rage come from the usually calm boss. It's just a sign how badly the Floods have managed to disrupt the harmony within the Stride Pro Wrestling family.

Heath Hatton & Sam
Courtesy: Steve Belcher
On a more positive note, Sam has signed several memorable matches. We've seen Heath Hatton capture the Stride Pro Wrestling Championship in a West Frankfort Street Fight. Jerry Travelstead's career went to new heights as he climbed the ladder to success and the Stride Pro Wrestling Legacy Championship. And this Saturday night, it's Tag Team Turmoil. The Midwest Mafia defends in a fatal four way elimination match. Farmer Billy Hills and Sarah Summers, Team Triple X and Maximum Overdrive are the challengers. Join us at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the Illinois Star Centre Mall.

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