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Should the Shield reunite?

The Shield
Courtesy: WWE

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In the recent era of professional wrestling, there are three things you can bet WWE fans will speculate on. If WWE is in the Chicago area, CM Punk will be on the show. The Undertaker and Sting will face off at the NEXT WrestleMania. And the Shield will reunite. I think the third option is the most likely to happen, but doubt there will ever be a more than a one-time reunion between Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Don't get me wrong, the Shield was one of the best things to happen to WWE in late 2012. The trio shook things up and brought about some positive change in how WWE viewed the talent at NXT. I do wish the three would have stayed together as a unit a bit longer, but the execution of Rollins turn was perfect.

In breaking up the Shield, I liked that WWE didn't do what WCW did with the NWO decades ago by adding new members and growing the group. The Shield will always be remembered as that core three, Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose.

Rollins vs. Triple H
Courtesy: WWE
Now that all three men are back on Raw the speculation has already started that they'll team again. While I'm not opposed to it happening, I just can't see it being a priority right now. Reigns is enjoying the rub of beating the Undertaker, Rollins dethroned the "King of Kings" Triple H and Ambrose is busy with the Intercontinental Championship.

Undertaker vs. Reigns
Courtesy: WWE
That being said, it would make sense to bring the boys back together to help Roman in his battle with the nasty and vile Braun Strowman. But unless he gets a couple of allies, it would look more like the Shield bullying the big man. At one time, Roman Reigns was the darling of the group and fans cheered him. If WWE wants to make him THE good guy and face of the company, it might not be a bad idea to reunite the Shield and get that rub once again.

Ambrose as IC champ
Courtesy: WWE
All three former members of the Shield are talented Superstars and have bright futures in the company. I'm glad to see Ambrose on Raw because it felt like he was getting lost in the shuffle of SmackDown Live. I hope WWE Creative puts more emphasis on the IC title and Ambrose is a featured player on Raw in the weeks and months ahead.

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